Wednesday, February 24, 2010

America the Fantasy

As a Boomer I saw and was part of the movement in this country to stop wars, increase tolerance, improve equality and provide assistance to those in need while taking more in taxes from those who use power and lack of ethics to become the richest people in this country. I've been told to Love it or Leave it. And things have gotten worse.
First they killed our leaders then they used PR to make left-thinking people look like "Loonies" and to attach us to Manson, not Lennon.
Our parents fought a war against Hitler. We knew about war. We actually studied it in school. There were documentaries. Our actions were examined. Now that's patriotism, to ask why we're doing what we're doing and how to improve.

But not the avaricious right wing. They've been there all along, I Me Mine.

Avarice is their common bond. Getting more.

Here's the truth. This country is corrupt and the wingers have been in charge the whole time...with their spin, and their jackboots on our necks. We have less "power" now than we did in 1968. They like war and they like the profits they can squeeze out of us while squealing about the flag and freedom they've already taken from us. THEY are the enemy. They have always been the enemy.

I'm no Naderite but one thing he said that has always been true is that there's not much difference between the two parties. They serve the money gods, not the people. With a few exceptions most Democrats look like Republicans to me.

The minute we boomers started to face sixty most of us realized it was all about survival and that our "movement" was truly dead and buried under the weight of corporate greed. Day to day finances are more time consuming than reading the latest compromise on Capital Capitol Hill.

In this "land of the free" we're supposed to have religious freedom but we still have fundamentalism crammed down our throats. To not follow a religion, religiously, is seen as a character flaw. If half those people who flock to huge mega-TV churches actually lived by do unto others the world would be a much better place.

We had it right; the humane ideas. Baby Boomers, we've been made null and void for a very long time. We were naive and believed love was the solution. Now a Blackberry commercial has ruined twisted and distorted "love", of which they know nothing, as merely a slogan to sell cell phones. all you need is love is a tool to them. But not for me. I remember.

Health'll kill us. Financially we are at the mercy of corporate America.

Real Love....something our leaders don't recognize.

Generation Jones was a letdown. They didn't get it. Generation X?
High tech non-thinkers.

We on the left have imaginations, those on the right don't.

There is still a chance that they will see....

But as I age, my optimism is dwindling. I'm tired. Time for our children to take up the banner.