Monday, February 27, 2006

Brownie's Battlefield
Michael Brown: I was ‘left on the battlefield’
Ex-FEMA head says he either fell or was pushed on his sword after Katrina

Entire Interview
Brian Williams: I want to ask you: Why didn't you shout it from the mountaintops, or do you feel you did?

Michael Brown: I shouted it from the mountaintops. In the first, I'm going to use the term SVCC — secure video conference call — that we had, that I conducted from FEMA, after it (Hurricane Katrina) had passed the Florida penninsula. I told everybody in that conference call — the president, Chertoff, the state of New Orleans, all of the teams, all the departments and agencies — my gut tells me this is the big one. I want to push everything forward as far as we can. I want to jam up supply lines. I want to cut the bureaucratic red tape. I want it "balls to the wall," is the phrase that I used, in doing everything we could.


It's time for the blame game...Chertoff is next, I hope. Then the Chimp-in-chief. Brownie's pissed and doesn't like being the only crony scapegoat. Sure, he's totally inept but they ALL are. In the meantime, six months later, New Orleans is still in ruins and our corrupt thieves in power don't give a shit. They want to build Casinoil instead. It's more profitable to them.


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