Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bush Seeks Safe Harbor in India

Later, Merka! Pickles is going along for the ride.
Lieboy Bush is taking a geographic to escape his UAE Port deal and 34% approval rating, for now. Only 21% of those approve of his shady port deal. They must be incredibly wealthy and in on the dough, or really really stupid.It will all be waiting for him when he gets back, hopefully.
He's off to woo the Indians. I hope somebody clued him in on the difference between Native American Indians and Indians. He once said to the president of Brazil, "Do you have blacks here too?" Condi had to straighten him out...always the good work wife.
It will take a security force of over 5,000 to protect him from all his well-wishers. Large protests are planned but carefully after his entourage has left the area. The New Delhi Zoo will be closed while he's around. Safer for the animals. Perhaps they planned a dangerous protest of their own.
Much has been made of his nuke talks but he has several reasons for descending upon India. There's money to be made. India is a market he can't afford to ignore. And there's a gas pipeline to deal with. India and Pakistan can't go making money without Dick and Halliburton involved. Arm twisting time.
Firstly, U.S. opposition to the pipeline is strident. ''The U.S. is not pulling its punches,'' said Batra, who served as energy expert with India's public sector oil establishment before joining TERI.

The second reason relates to the pricing of gas. India would like to pay an 'affordable price' for the gas from Iran and, according to Batra, this is a mere euphemism for prices below prevailing market rates. So far, Iran has not been obliging.

Finally, the pipeline project has been affected by the unrest in Pakistan's Baluchistan province. ''There is talk of building a longer pipeline along Pakistan's coast which may be longer but safer,'' Batra said.

Already, possibilities for an alternate pipeline to bring gas from Turkmenistan to India through Afghanistan and Pakistan is being considered, Batra pointed out.

After his India and Pakistan stops he might go to Afghanistan...no doubt to another safe hangar. He'll be under heavy guard the entire time. Once a Chickenhawk, always a Chickenhawk.He won't see any women in Burkas or Taliban members. Or poppy fields. Since we're "at war" his schedule is a closely guarded secret, as is everything he does. I hope he takes a few bike rides. Those photos are always entertaining after he crashes into the local cops.


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