Friday, February 24, 2006

Draconian South Dakota's Misogyny

It's official. South Dark-Dakota has declared war on all women in the United States. The Taliban is alive and well in America. Stoning women to death and executing them for "asking" to be raped can't be too far off.

S.D. House Approves Abortion Ban Bill

PIERRE, S.D. - South Dakota lawmakers approved a ban on nearly all abortions Friday, setting up a deliberate frontal assault on Roe v. Wade at a time when some activists see the U.S. Supreme Court as more willing than ever to overturn the 33-year-old decision.

Approximately 800 abortions a year take place in South Dickota at the ONE Planned Parenthood Clinic, 90% in the first trimester. Minnesota doctors fly into SD because doctors licensed there face a felony and a five year prison sentence for performing a D&C.
House Speaker Matthew Michels, R-Yankton, ugly pig-nosed white man has never needed an abortion. He has no uterus. He hates women. This will affect poor women more than affluent women. Rape? Incest? Too bad, it's god's will that they remain pregnant, no matter what. Rich women can still travel to another state and terminate pregnancies if they so CHOOSE. These Neanderthals want to take this abortion ban to the Supreme Court and make criminals out of women and doctors nationwide. In the meantime, poor women in South Dakota have to endure a pregnancy after they've been viciously raped by Daddy Jebby, Uncle Marvin or Cousin Neil. It's a terrible state of affairs for the innocent victim...and since a fetus can't yet be raped its rights are secure.

But this "woman" is the worst traitor to womankind of all of them. Sen. Julie Bartling, D-Burke, is a co-sponsor of the bill that would ban nearly all abortions in South Dakota. Could she be suffering from Battered Wife Syndrome to even suggest such a thing? An anti-choice woman-hating DINO has GOT to go! She does look a bit bruised and abused in all her pictures. Perhaps she should focus instead on why pre-teens in her sanctimonious state of mind are contracting STDs instead. Down during the Clinton years...UP during the Coup years. Somebody is having sex with those children. Winger theocrats in this country are trying to force women back into the Stone Age. South Dickotan Theocrats should mind their own fucking business. This is about subjugation and control of women. Brutish males, apparently unsure of their own manhood, aren't happy unless they have absolute caveman control over all females.
Why South Dakota we may ask? It's a sparsely populated state with only 770,000 residents. However, an "anonymous donor" gave a million dollars to the South Dakota Alpha Center to lobby for anti choice laws. Dr. Allen Unruh and his wife Leslee, are the founders of the Alpha Center - a crisis pregnancy center in Sioux Falls. Please note that "Dr." Unruh is a Chiropractor, not an M.D, and never studied Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Leslee Unruh, president of the Alpha Center, a Sioux Falls pregnancy counseling agency that tries to steer women away from abortion, said most of the abortions performed in South Dakota do not stem from rape or even failed contraception, but are simply "conveniences." Unruh said she believes most South Dakota women want the abortion ban, and many who have had abortions "wish someone would have [sic] stopped them."

Unruh "believes" she knows how women feel? Did Ghod tell her? A 50 State Abortion Survey begs to differ with her uninformed opinions, as do the results from her own state. SD 49% anti choice The SD Senate and House Votes. For all the self-professed love of fetal cells, South Dickota ranks 41st in prenatal care. You can't have it both ways, Darkotans. The Task Force appointed by Republican Governer, Mike Rounds and their recommendations. Worth reading. The report's premise is that life begins at conception. A woman (girl) is less than human in their eyes since they've given more rights to a clump of cells. Only one of the four M.D.s on the task force is an OB/GYN. Let those white men who love the zygote carry that "person" inside their own fucking bodies instead. Insert the cells into their rectums and let's see how viable they are. And I do believe it's time to protect the rights of the sperm. Using the same "science" as the morons in South Dickota, a sperm is a potential human being too. Why can't these assholes just stay out of the uterus. This country is so unenlightened and uneducated. The Fall of the American Empire is in full swing. Fasten your chastity belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Update: Republican Governor Mike Rounds signed the legislation today, March 6, 2006, banning abortion in South Dakota. I shall never set foot in that state. So much for Republicans claiming to favor less government intervention in our lives. Hypocrites!


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