Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Another Day, Another Photo Op!

George and Laura Bush made a photo op trip to look at the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina, or Hurricane Karina as Pickles calls it. Nagin and Blanco must have sold their souls to the devil himself in order to get some help...or they're in cahoots. To be seen with the Chimp these days is the kiss of death to any campaign. Bush said Congress needs to provide more funding since his cronies have already made off with the millions upon millions already allocated. Asshole. How nice that Halliburton has "won" no-bid contracts to rebuild in New Orleans.

The man who wants to bring "freedom" and "Democracy" to the middle East can't even solve the phone problems of Katrina survivors. Leader of the free world? Ghod help us all!
Looks like Governor Dean shares similar sentiments.


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