Sunday, March 19, 2006

Anti-War, Anti-Bush Protest Pics

Bush and his popular as HELL!
Worldwide protests on Saturday March 18, 2006.

New York and Chicago

Toronto and Los Angeles

Sydney and Rome

Barcelona and Washington

New York and New Haven

San Francisco and Roxbury

Istanbul and more cities around the globe...
More pictures
(click pics for larger view)
Anti War Rallies Mark Anniversary


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blogging is some of the best available. It really is. Thanks for all of it and thanks for the addition of your own comments and feelings that you place into the topics you choose to discuss.

I would like to add a link for you to read, if you wish to. It is a piece from The Nation. I believe it is titled "Too Hot For New York"...and I think it possibly underlies much of what you say-as far as "truth" getting to people. I think progressives today are unaware that some very important allies from the past may no longer be reality. It's important to know who is on your side, who is not... and who is bound to a doctrine, belief, or idea that supercedes all other beliefs to the detriment of all humanity. I believe you may be aware of these things...and this is why I put this link here. If nothing is an important question...that perhaps cannot be answered until progressives become willing to be totally honest.

Enjoy your work very much. And, thanks again.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Heh heh. Is that you, Mom?
Anon, whoever you are, thanks.
I appreciate the comments.

And thank you for the link. Rachel Corrie was very brave. She put her life on the line for an "unpopular" cause.
I'm ashamed to say it was Vanessa Redgrave, an actress, who first raised my consciousness on that subject back in 1977. Another link...more current. Same message.

6:29 PM  

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