Monday, March 27, 2006

Bush Burns Wheel of Fortune

Show me that you really care after all that appropriatin' I did fer y'all, Georgie Boy. And we'll keep this private, away from Big Sky pryin' eyes. We never hearda Jackoff Abramoff, did we buddy? Billings takes on new meaning, hahahaaa. Nothing in life is free, fundraising Tonight!.(Private, no press.)Conrad tells his base,"we won't back down." Quid pro quo is our middle name, show me the money!
WASHINGTON - President Bush plans to host a fundraiser for Sen. Conrad Burns here next month, giving anyone who raises $10,000 for the event a chance to pose for a picture with the nation's commander in chief.
The event will be held the evening of March 27 at the Madison Hotel in downtown Washington, about six blocks from the White House. "Please join President George W. Bush for an evening honoring U.S. Senator Conrad Burns," an invitation to the event announces.
A photo opportunity with the president is available for any person or couple who raises $10,000 for the evening. The reception costs $2,000 per political action committee or $1,000 per person or couple, the invitation states.
All checks go to the Helena-based Friends of Conrad Burns.
The invitation lists the group organizing the event as the Bellwether Consulting Group, a professional fundraising and consulting firm in Alexandria, Va., just outside Washington.
Burns said Wednesday, "I think anybody is happy about having the support of any White House."

Conrad Burns, a major recipient of Abramoff's largesse, is still getting support from the GOP despite his crimes. It makes sense. Unless he's caught having intercourse with young boys and sheep at the same time on the White House lawn, he gets a long as he's Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, there's money to be funneled to supporters.
Bellwether Consulting
FEC Disclosure Report Friends of Conrad Burns.
Remarks by pResident Bush at Friends of Conrad Burns Reception
It looks like the Chimp allowed a couple of his favorite photographers in to take snaps of the event. Jim Young frequently makes Lieboy look saintly. Charles Dharapak also goes for that "halo" look.


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Blogger Gef said...

That's too funny! But where do you get that info?


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