Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bush: "I am confident he will be brought to justice" (Osama)

What a flip flopper. First he wanted him dead or alive, then he didn't think about him much and now he's confident he will be brought to justice, not killed, not jailed, not caught, but whatever "justice" a business partner of the Bushies faces."It is not a matter of `if' they are captured but just when they are brought to justice."
Transcript released by the White House of President Karzia and Bush in a press availability.
PRESIDENT KARZAI: Well, I guess we take some questions, Mr. President?
PRESIDENT BUSH: Why don't we take a couple.
PRESIDENT KARZAI: Two on each side?
PRESIDENT BUSH: We'll start with the AP guy. Terry, please. He asked a very difficult question last time.
PRESIDENT BUSH: Hopefully he'll tone it down some --
Q I'd like to ask you, Mr. President, there was a time when you talked about getting Osama bin Laden dead or alive. Why is he still on the loose five years later? And are you still confident that you'll get him?
PRESIDENT BUSH: I am confident he will be brought to justice. What's happening is, is that we got U.S. forces on the hunt for not only bin Laden, but anybody who plots and plans with bin Laden. There are Afghan forces on the hunt for not only bin Laden, but those who plot and plan with him. We've got Pakistan forces on the hunt. And part of my message to President Musharraf is, is that it's important that we bring these people to justice. He understands that. After all, they've tried to kill him four times. So we've got a common alliance, all aimed at routing out people who are evildoers, people who have hijacked a great religion and kill innocent people in the name of that religion.

We're making progress of dismantling al Qaeda. Slowly but surely, we're bringing the people to justice, and the world is better for it, as a result of our steady progress.

What an evasive lying sack of shit.


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