Friday, March 17, 2006

Chertoff Toured CA with Ahnuld...NEIN!

Alameda, Calif. Chertoff visited the Port of Oakland, the fourth-busiest U.S. port with $33 billion in goods moving through its terminals annually. (Is he casing the joint?) San Francisco and Oakland, LOOK OUT! Chertoff toured today. That can only mean one thing. A disaster is about to hit. Und Ahnuld iss hellpink himm. Ahnuld vill bee ze dissassterr guffernorr, und tehrminayt zos leffees und errskvakes.
Oh Ghod! Noooooo! Arnold asked Chertoff for help? We're fine here without Homeland Security fucking up any disaster that might befall us. If Ahnuld hadn't canceled the lawsuit Governor Davis brought against Enron for the $9 BILLION dollars they stole from us we could build a bunch of levees and have money left over. What kind of bullshit PR stunt is the Terminator pulling? Ahnuld had his head in the window of a helicopter, looking, um, Chimplike, above it all. Even down to the "military style" jacket. This is like asking Hitler's thugs to come in and "help" the Dutch with their dykes. The Federal Government under the thugs is NOT friendly to Big Blue. We have 55 Electoral Votes.

(AP) SACRAMENTO Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff pledged Friday that the government would help California patch its fragile levee system, but stopped short of promising the pre-emptive federal disaster declaration that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger seeks.

"We obviously do want to stand with the state in terms of getting engineering assistance and the money to help the state do what it has to do," Chertoff said. "And we want to make sure we can cut through red tape in terms of getting it done."

Bush administration officials said privately that such an extraordinary disaster declaration -- before any levees failed -- was unlikely. But they said the federal government was exploring other ways to help, including assembling response plans and possibly tearing down bureaucratic rules that some believe are hampering the repairs.

Jesus Christ, are the Feds going to blow up our levees or something? (Adjusting tinfoil hat) If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Get out of our state, Chertoff, you asshole. You too, Mr. SS Man.


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