Sunday, March 05, 2006

Iran, look out! Bush wants you next.

The Bush misadminstration is focusing on Iran. While still embroiled in the failed Iraq and Afghanistan quagmires with a weakened military, the Neocons are taking another step towards more sanctions which will inevitably be followed by a few stray bombs. Hey, it's how Hitler operated, one country at a time, and if it was good enough for the German Nazis it's good enough for the American Nazis since they're kindred spirits. A quick look at the headlines points to faked intelligence obtained from "laptops" and "diagrams" bound to increase tension both here and in Iran. Bush waved red flags while in India and Pakistan, allowing India to pursue nukes but not Pakistan. Iran can and is claiming the U.S. has a double standard. Iran isn't Iraq. After years of crippling sanctions, Iraq folded immediately. But it looks as if the neothugs want the same outcome for Iran.
Iran's Best Friend
March 5, 2006
At the rate that President Bush is going, Iran will be a global superpower before too long. For all of the axis-of-evil rhetoric that has come out of the White House, the reality is that the Bush administration has done more to empower Iran than its most ambitious ayatollah could have dared to imagine. Tehran will be able to look back at the Bush years as a golden era full of boosts from America, its unlikely ally.
The India deal is exactly the wrong message to send right now, just days before Washington and its European allies will be asking the International Atomic Energy Agency to refer Iran's case to the United Nations Security Council for further action. Iran's hopes of preventing this depend on convincing the rest of the world that the West is guilty of a double standard on nuclear issues. Mr. Bush might as well have tied a pretty red bow around his India nuclear deal and mailed it as a gift to Tehran.

Iranian Bombshell?
Bush Administration officials are readying a new intelligence briefing for council members on Tehran's weapons programs.
Sunday, Mar. 05, 2006
As the U.N. security Council prepares to debate Iran's nuclear ambitions—perhaps as early as next week—Bush Administration officials are readying a new intelligence briefing for council members on Tehran's weapons programs. It will rely mainly on circumstantial evidence, much of it from documents found on a laptop purportedly purloined from an Iranian nuclear engineer and obtained by the CIA in 2004. U.S. officials insist the material is strong but concede they have no smoking gun.

A clear indication of U.S. intentions was given this morning by John Bolton speaking before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to round after round of enthusiastic applause. Some of what he said:
We must not ignore Iran, the longer we wait, the harder it will be, Iran is engaging in doublespeak. They must give up materials that would enable them to develop nuclear weapons. (Iran's nuclear program is) neither peaceful nor for energy; many failures and breaches, (we must exert) pressure to forgo the pursuit of nuclear weapons. The U.S. imposes bilateral sanctions...maybe too soon to impose UN Security Council sanctions but many parts of the world are using the term sanctions (with regard to Iran). If Iran continues isolation...there will be painful and tangible consequences.

He went on to say more frightening incendiary things including: Iran has a government that was not freely elected....(um, helloooo? Nor was OURS!) Bolton: Iran has long been a rogue state....outright hostile...their recent election has only deepened isolation and tension...and they called into question the Holocaust.(Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday the Holocaust is a "myth" ) As Bush and Rice have made clear, since 9/11 we have been at war and we stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel in the war on terrorism.
U.S. Warns Iran of consequences of nuclear ambitions.
the United States will use "all tools at our disposal" to thwart Iran's nuclear program and is already "beefing up defensive measures" to do so.
If the security council did not act in a timely manner, Bolton said, the council's credibility would be damaged.

So, the question of sanctions against Iran is being brought before the UN Security Council this can only fear the worst with Bush Bullies ruling the world.


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