Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Is Bush Like Hitler?

A geography or social studies teacher has to explain a bit of history to students in order to put the lines drawn on maps into perspective. Colorado high school teacher, Jay Bennish, the teacher in question, didn't say Bush was Hitler, he made comparisons. Perhaps Mr. Bennish said too much without considering the brainwashed condition of some of his students. Easily shocked student, Sean Allen, 16, apparently lacking in higher level and critical thinking skills, felt it necessary to tape his teacher to show off his outrage to his daddy. His indignant Bush-admiring father, not trusting his son to think for himself, took the tape to the media. A radio station of all places. Why didn't Mr. Allen go to the school board or the principal if he had a complaint about a teacher? His tender son could have been placed in another classroom. Instead, he inflamed the entire country on the issues of freedom of speech and the right wing attempts to remove teachers with whom they disagree. Mr. Allen has a clearly nefarious agenda of his own. Freedom of speech, if it disagrees with the Bush administration, is under serious attack. The Allens, unable to deal with thoughts outside their own heads, or take what they need and leave the rest, have shown us that something more sinister and alarming than McCarthyism is alive and well in the U.S. Mr. Bennish has been relieved of his teaching responsibilities and placed on administrative leave. Mr. Bennish is having to defend himself in a very public arena. This morning on The Today Show he said, "My job as a teacher is to challenge students to think critically about issues that are affecting our world and our society." This incident should send a chill throughout the teaching community. Careful, watch what you say, Bush Youth are in the classroom and their rabid parents are handing out the tape recorders at home. Young Sean had better not attend college if he wants a lockstep "education" that limits thought and freedom of speech. Unless it's right-wing like Claremont or Pepperdine. He'll fit right in there.

Hitler had dissenters arrested. So does Bush. Hitler was an expert in propaganda. So is Bush. Hitler invaded other countries. So does Bush. Hitler made money off war for himself and his pals. So does Bush. (Prescott Bush, Dubya's grandfather, made his fortune with Hitler.) Hitler used fear and racism to control the people. So does Bush. Hitler tortured people. So does Bush. Hitler spied on his enemies. So does Bush. Hitler hated intellectuals who disagreed with him. So does Bush. Hitler hated gays. So does Bush. Hitler took away individual rights. So has Bush. Hitler tried to wipe out the middle class and the poor, Bush is working on it.


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