Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Justice in Florida

Martin Lee Anderson took a joyride in his grandmother's car. He was 14 years old. He's dead. Guards at the Boot Camp to which he was sentenced in Florida beat him to death. Unedited Video A "nurse" inexplicably stood by with her hands on her hips, left, came back, didn't bend over to get close to her "patient" until it was too late. After 80 minutes paramedics were called. Martin didn't make it. He is the fourth teenager to die in the Florida Juvenile Justice system in the last three years. Florida has outsourced boot camps to save money.Florida's juvenile justice system: A revolving door for fired workers
Boot Camp Where Boy Died Will Close
Uproar over guards' handling of the teen left the detention facility unable to operate, a Florida sheriff says.
Bush appointed a special prosecutor — State Atty. Mark A. Ober of Hillsborough County — to decide whether to bring criminal charges in the boy's death. Bush also said a second autopsy might be conducted; news reports have said that the license of the medical examiner, Charles F. Siebert Jr., was expired when he signed Anderson's autopsy report. On Tuesday, Bush called the camps, which hold 600 youths, "part of the strategy that has reduced juvenile crime in our state."
As usual, a Bush is lying! Those vicious boot camps do nothing but harm young psyches, and sometimes kill the inmates. Why didn't Noelle Bush have to go to a boot camp after her drug arrest if they're so fabulous? Lying hypocrite! Boot Camps don't work. So why the hell do we have them? It's institutionalized terror against teens. 50 to 100 in U.S. Exact number unknown? The brutal techniques used in these boot camps are hardly conducive to any kind of respect for authority and the juvenile is branded a criminal, and will be arrested for even the most minor infraction. The recidivism rate of "graduates" is close to 90%. Fear, degradation, humiliation, and severe punishment won't make them comply, it will make them rebel or break them. Either result is society's failure to deal in a humane way with kids who make errors in judgment. No civilized country treats its kids this way. Boot camp Has few successes. The case of Martin Lee Anderson has drawn national attention, as well it should. The NAACP demanded release of the beating video. Jeb Bush refused until a second autopsy was approved. He said this incident was "tragic." Typical Bush Crime Family response.
Expert: Evidence that boot camp beating victim died from blunt force trauma. Now that the truth is coming out, Florida is "likely" to outlaw the use of pain on American juveniles. "The use of PAIN?" Yes the Iraqis hate us for our freedoms with good reason. Nobody is safe in Iraq or in the United States. We are offically a barbaric country.
Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder said his camp, which lawmakers have cited as a model, already complies with most of the changes. Pinellas County Sheriff Jim Coats said likewise.

This is the fourth
child to die in the juvenile justice system," Florida NAACP State Conference Chairman Adora Obi Nwez and a member of the NAACP's national board of directors told reporters Wednesday. "Some heads should roll, but we will not stop until we get some answers."
Per CNN A federal probe into whether Anderson's civil rights were violated by the use of excessive force is also under way at the request of Anderson's parents and local leaders, the U.S. attorney's office said. His rights? Excuse me, but the guards KILLED HIM! Were his rights violated? CNN is so careful. They don't want to upset the Bush family. Bush family accomplice, Paula Whore Zahn interviewed Martin's parents on her CNN "show" earlier tonight and had the gall to ask them, "Do you feel vindicated?" For Christ's sake...their son is DEAD. They will NEVER feel vindicated you right wing TOOL!


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