Friday, March 31, 2006

Lieboy's Bully Trip to Cancun

Bush informed Fox and Harper they'll need passports from now on to travel from Mexico and Canada to the U.S. and vice versa. He also "told" them he insists upon a guest worker program for illegal immigrants. AKA cheap labor for American companies. The press is referring to them as the "three amigos" but they didn't seem too friendly. Bush's stated priorities are border patrol, energy and the dreaded avian flu. Harper is new to the job and Fox is ready to retire. Bush ran the show. He had the joy of wearing his earpiece in the open for translation purposes...even though he's so "fluent" in Spanish. At the end of the afternoon, Bush described Harper as someone who is in many ways like himself, saying they share "mutual values" and "respect for human life and human dignity."
Bush greeted Harper by saying "Hola" – Spanish for "Hello" –. Harper then rode alongside the president in the back of his car and in Bush's private helicopter for a two-hour round trip to the ancient Mayan archeological ruins at Chichen Itza

Our neighbors to the north should just love the part where Bush insists on Canadian passports. Harper is concerned about the lumber trade."We're obviously concerned that if we don't move quickly, properly, on this, that this could have effects on trade and movement of people, conventions, you name it," said Harper."That is not helpful to our economy or our relationship."

All of the Chimp's trips require massive amounts of security lest "the people" get anywhere near him. Cancun was no exception. Cancun in security lockdown for Bush visit Ships weren't allowed near, the beaches were patrolled by police in vehicles, and the beach itself was closed while unknown personnel took early morning dips in the ocean. (No word on whether Snotty McClellan was one of them. ) Cars were searched, Cancun was shut down. Protesters were kept far away but they were there. Wherever the pRetzeldent goes, protesters are there too.

Vicente Fox suggested a balance test on the steps of the Mayan ruins to see if Bush was sober. Bush failed the test. Harper helped Fox to lead Bush into a cell inside the ruins where Iraqi prisoners had been flown by the CIA for rendition. Okay, I made that last bit up. Wishful thinking. If he experienced what he inflicts on others it would soon stop. Shitboy has already gone back to Waco...whether to his Crawford fake ranch or Camp David we don't know. The most secretive administration in U.S. history never tells us a thing.


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