Friday, March 03, 2006

Love Triangle

The media gave Carter hell for lusting after a Killer Rabbit, okay he was only scared by a Killer Rabbit and on a separate occasion admitted to lust in his heart, not for a bunny, just in his heart. (Idiot!) Until the day we all die we'll NEVER hear the end of Bill Clinton's private blowjob.Now we have a Killer Chimp lusting after some Killer Condi booty while representing the United States of America in India. When asked several years ago what he and his father discussed, "Pussy" was his reply. He hasn't evolved much.
Condi  Pickles
Condi is wearing a tacky old drape, one that could house her third breast. Perhaps she fancies herself another Scarlett O'Hara. That bulge in her ribcage can't be a good thing. Maybe the alien is starting to bust through. Gee, hope it's not a little Georgie snowflake. Whoever helped Laura Bush with her dress must have been stealing her Xanax. That rag looks like a mildewed towel. Taste has never been her stong suit. Look at what she married. Now I have to wonder what was going on aboard Air Force One that caused it to land in Pakistan with no lights on. Hmmm.


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