Friday, March 03, 2006

Mangoes For Nukes Bears Fruit For Bush

Just when we think it can't get worse, just when we think the level of theft, incompetence, thuggery and murder can't reach new lows...along comes Bush to trade Mangoes for a nuclear deal.US and India seal nuclear accord
Bush said, "The US is looking forward to eating Indian mangoes"

The deal that probably few knew was happeningMango adds juice to Indo-US ties

In what can be called a juicy development in Indo-US trade, the US has agreed to consider lifting of sanctions on Indian mangoes. India produces 41% of the World's mangoes and America imports 29% of the fruit produced worldwide. The mangoes are, though, just a drop in a much larger fruit basket of US.

While US trade representative Rob Portman says Indo-US trade will double to $40 billion in three years, there's still a long way to go if Indo-US trade is to reach anywhere near the magnitude of the trade between the US and China

Trade between India and US today stands at $26.8 billion while China-US trade is over 10 times that at $300 billion.

Bush Brutes are determined to suck the life out of this country (and the rest of the planet) and retire with all our money. If Republicans still believe he stands for anything vaguely resembling anything but Fascism, they deserve what they get. The rest of us don't! This shit is ALL the fault of Republicans who control ALL branches of government. And fuck the DINOs who WON'T fight back and who don't represent anyone but themselves either. This country has gone down the tubes and only about 30% of us...if that many...seem to have a goddamned clue about what's happening. Wake the fuck up, America! More outsourcing....but hey, you get a few mangoes. Where the hell is the outrage?
Lou Dobbs doesn't like it. I never thought I'd look to Lou as a voice of reason but since he's a "real" Republican in a sea of neocon thugs, I do. Lou Dobbs clip from

Bush and India Reach Pact That Allows Nuclear Sales
Under the agreement, the United States would end a decades-long moratorium on sales of nuclear fuel and reactor components and India would separate its civilian and military nuclear programs, and open the civilian facilities to international inspections. The pact fills in the broad outlines of a plan that was negotiated in July.
In the plan, India agreed permanently to classify 14 of its 22 nuclear power reactors as civilian facilities, meaning those reactors will be subject for the first time to international inspections or safeguards.
"What's meaningful is what the Indians can do at the unsafeguarded reactors, which is vastly increase their production of fissile material for nuclear weapons. One has to assume that the administration was so interested in concluding a deal that it was prepared to cave in to the demands of the Indian nuclear establishment."
At the news conference, Mr. Bush and Mr. Singh announced additional cooperative agreements on counterterrorism, fighting AIDS in India and trade, including the importing to the United States of Indian mangoes, considered by connoisseurs to be among the best in the world.

"And oh, by the way, Mr. Prime Minister, the United States is looking forward to eating Indian mangoes," Mr. Bush said at the news conference.


Eat your fruit, Merkins. It's good for you. That is, if you can still afford to buy food after BuscheneyCo is finished with the raping and pillaging. Learn to dumpster dive. People currently homeless will have to teach us all how to live on absolutely NO income and the kindness of strangers.


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