Monday, March 20, 2006

McCain Bent The Law Today

Today Lipstick-on-a-Pig campaigned in Beverly Hills with Ahnuld. Schwarzenegger raked in $2.5 million which he'll split with the State Republican party. McCain sidestepped his own McCain-Feingold Law using a little disclaimer at the bottom of the invitation. (Below) McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform law states that it is illegal for federal officials (McCain) to solicit funds for candidates (Schwarzenegger) in statewide races. What happened to his holier-than-thou hue and cry? McCain is a lying hypocrite and a clone of Bush despite his "maverick" moniker. What a sleazbag.

Schwarzenegger, GOP raise $2.5 million at SoCal fundraiser

By MICHAEL R. BLOOD, AP Political Writer

Monday, March 20, 2006
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state GOP collected an estimated $2.5 million Monday at a fundraiser headlined by Sen. John McCain, as scores of union members protested outside the event calling for the governor's ouster in November.

For Schwarzenegger, the closed-door dinner begins to replenish a political fund drained last year by his costly and losing campaign to enact ballot proposals to slow state spending and curb public union power in Sacramento. Top donors kicked in as much as $100,000 to attend the dinner and reception.

The event was headlined by McCain, R-Ariz., who was enlisted by Schwarzenegger last year to help campaign for the governor's ballot proposals. The measures were defeated by voters in November.

McCain has urged Schwarzenegger to push for campaign finance reforms in California in 2006.
But the governor has spent much of his time talking about building highways, levees and schools, not restraining the flow of campaign dollars.

McCain spokesman Craig Goldman said that to his knowledge, the senator and governor did not discuss campaign finance reform at the fundraiser. McCain has said in the past he's uncomfortable with the level of fundraising in California elections, but that candidates like the governor must play within the current rules to be competitive.

"He's a good friend of the governor's, and a big supporter of him," Goldman said. "If he had his wish come true, it would be that all states fall under the federal (campaign) guidelines, to limit the amount of money needed in campaigns."

Democrats have filed a complaint with federal regulators arguing McCain was violating federal law by appearing at Monday's event, which asked for checks well above federal limits. But legal advisers for McCain say there is no conflict since the money is being raised by Schwarzenegger and the party, not McCain.

The event, conducted under heavy security at the Beverly Hilton, was hosted by donors from the entertainment and business elite, including "The Terminator" director James Cameron, Interscope Records chief Jimmy Iovine, Yahoo Inc. Chairman Terry Semel and Univision Communications Inc. Chairman A. Jerrold Perenchio.

List of donors and the McCain disclaimer:

And speaking of pigs...Ahnuld's extravagance is totally disgusting.
Spending May Prove Costly to Governor
Millions on public events and private jets. Thousands on top-tier catering and expense auditing. Well-funded foes could gain an edge.
Schwarzenegger hires scores of the best political operatives, travels exclusively by private jet and insists on a sought-after cinematographer to film his commercials — productions that involve casting agents, caterers, dry-cleaners. In flashiness and magnitude, his public appearances have exceeded anything else in modern California politics.

No wonder he has to have so many fundraisers, legal or not.


Anonymous Dave said...

The Austrian Asshat needs lots of lipstick too.

California needs to know just how affected by decades of Steroid abuse he is, most importantly;

"Herr Asshat, it is common in Steroid abusing males to become impotent and suffer a severe atrophy of the genitalia. Is that your fucking problem, Herr Asshat? Because if it isn't Californians need to know just what the fuck is it that makes you such a fucking asshole."

Really. It needs to be asked.

12:01 AM  

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