Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pickles King Schmoozefest

We already know that Larry Kink is an FOB...Friend of Bush. The White house has decided to send Pickles out for some gentler fascism and compassionate spin. Larry is only too happy to oblige. The men of the family get interviewed by Paula Zahn, the women by Larry. It works very well for them. Per Larry, Mrs. Bush is just as firmly committed to the pResident's plans as he is. Seems to me the wingers howled when Hillary opined, they said she wasn't elected. Neither was Pickles. Neither was Chimpy.The Larry King Cardiac Foundation...we have invited the first lady, Laura Bush. Part of the Red Dress project. (Maybe to detract from Republican Red...make it about female hearts?) Pickles is so cuuute. "I didn't know that heart disease was the number one killer of women, I thought it was cancer...and I read everything. We thought it was a man's disease." Well, now I feel informed. Larry should have asked Laura's views on the cost of health care but he was more interested in other topics:

KING: There was an article in the "Washington Post" today saying that, when President Reagan ran into problems in his second term, Nancy sort of took some clout and power and suggested and put through some changes, administrative changes. Do you think that's necessary?
L. BUSH: Well, you know, I saw the article. And I know what advice you're telling me the person gave me and the writer gave me.
KING: Sally Quinn.
L. BUSH: And I think it's interesting that -- and this is so typical of Washington, that on the front page of the "Style" section would be the advice to the first lady, but I take advice to heart. I really do.
I mean, a lot of people give the president advice. A lot of people give me advice. A lot of people write...
KING: Well, what did you think of the advice?
L. BUSH: Well, I mean, I think there's some of it that's right and some of it that isn't, of course. And I know that the view from outside is a lot different from the view that George and I have inside, with each other, by ourselves. And there's certainly some advice I would feel free to give him and do; there's other advice that I really don't think I should give him.
KING: Like personnel?
L. BUSH: Well, no, I mean, I would certainly -- that's one of the things we do talk about the most, our personalities.
KING: Oh, yes?
L. BUSH: And I know everyone as well as he does who works here. I mean, I've worked with them, also. And so, you know, certainly, I would give him that kind of advice.

Another "expert" on heart attacks, Reverend Robert Schuller, advised more Bible reading. He said, "And sitting at the computer doesn't help"...I felt a sharp pain in my head and possibly suffered a stroke. Transcript


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