Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bolten Proposing Censorship

Say buh bye to televised press briefings. Guess briefings will be held on tape instead. Boltemup and Snowjob get to decide. In an interview with Fux Gnus, Josh Bolten, deckchair rearranger on the Hindenberg said, "It's worth considering" an end to the live televised press briefings.Just in case a sliver of real news might accidentally escape from the White House, the propaganda machine is battening down the hatches. Asked by Faux if that would "annoy" the media, (freedom of the press is ANNOYING?)Bolten replied, "My guess is in the short run it would hurt them ... the judgment would be, as we do in all things, is look at the long run and see whether it's helpful in the long run." Helpful to whom, you Nazi bastard? The only people a news blackout, (taped delay for editing purposes) could possibly "help" are the liars occupying the White House. "I'm going to leave that judgment to Tony Snow to make a recommendation in concert with your colleagues in the White House press corps." So, Snowjob, of Faux, whose SALARY WE NOW PAY gets to decide if we, the public, should be allowed to see our already neutered press corps NOT get answers to questions? Fuck that. Is this a Democracy or are we in Communist China? The ONLY time Lieboy ever apologized for a damned thing was to Hu Jintao for allowing a protester to be heard on the White House grounds. How telling. "See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda."-Bush

The White House blames the media for any bad news THEY CAUSED. Blame the messenger! Never question the pResident. He gets to decide! Media whores bend over! (You too, Gannon, mmmmm.) Don't ask, don't tell is the Bush motto, unless it's a leak to serve his own purposes. Too bad most of the presstitutes won't fight back. Helen Thomas will, but the White House will smear her and anyone else who stands up for our rights. Is there anyone in their right (correct) mind who can support such a news blackout akin to Pravda? Oh, that's right the 32% of ignorant lumps, mostly winger theocrats, corporatists and assholes, who support Fascism in this country. It's tragic that this once great and free nation has given up so many rights to the thugs in the name of fake national security. What's funny is Snotty McClellan NEVER gave out the truth in his time as White House press secretary. Now we'll just have to "wonder" what Snow isn't saying. Any questions? Oh, I'm sorry, questions aren't allowed! Make up your own news. That's what the White House does.

This isn't surprising at all, I'm wondering what took so long. Several trial balloons have been chucked at us on how useless press briefings are. For our own good they shouldn't even happen, doncha know.
Oh, and this is important, the AP pic I photoshopped had instructions in bold letters. Just in case somebody's knickers get in a twist:
There ya go, Freddie.


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