Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bugman Headed For Lobby

Video of the disgusting creature's "resignation" attack speech at Crooks and Liars. He's being "noble" by moving to Virginia, closer to D.C., so that another Republican can run in his place. I hope the voters of Sugarland aren't falling for this. He's a crook. He admits to no wrongdoing as he had attorneys check all his "ideas" to make sure they complied with the law and the House Rules. He had all the House Rules changed to suit his activities. No, none of this is Tom's fault, it's a plot by Liberal Democrats. He's just getting out of the way for the "good" of the party. Bullshit. He smells another indictment. Bring 'em on!
Today, DeLay appeared on Hardball with his good friend Chris the Screamer Matthews. It was another attack on anyone who has ever cast aspersions on Tom's character. He's convinced that he can do more good "for the party" from outside the House since he can't be effective if he's not in a leadership position. Why doesn't he resign his position on the Appropriations Committee too? Screamer of course, insdider that he is has blogged all about it for our perusal. He was "taken aback" and shocked? What the hell planet has he been living on since 2000? Can he really be that blind? Or is the money just TOO good?
As usual, the spin is that a Republican crook going down is a bad thing for Democrats. Who are they trying to kid? Cafferty of CNN gave DeLay more realistic treatment, clip here at Crooksandliars.com. Oh that they all would. Despite the text at C&L, Cafferty said "banty rooster" and not "bandy" rooster. I don't know if DeLay has bandy legs too but that would be par for his crooked course.


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