Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Don't Talk To Me!" "Drop Back!"

Sickening display by the Hypocrite in chief. Bush Takes Muddy Bike Ride on Earth Day Mountain Bike One? Is he delusional? Oh, that's right, yes, he is. What the hell does this frat boy know about EARTH day?
"I still ride the mountain bike primarily to help settle the soul and to burn off the excess energy one gets when you're living life to its fullest," Bush told an Associated Press reporter who accompanied him on the ride. If it was the author of this piece, Scott Lindlaw, he was riding along with his tongue up Chimp's ass. Disgustingly glowing "story" of which any "journalist" should be ashamed.

"We're able to enjoy the beauty without really disrupting the pristine nature of the place," the mud-splattered president said after the 65-minute ride. "It's a classic way for mankind to enjoy God's gift. Plus, we get some exercise." Oh, for God's sake, you bloody hypocrite. You're as disruptive to this planet as any man in history.

"I don't spend a lot of time chitchatting," Bush said after the ride. "But I get great pleasure in riding with a group of people, and afterward we shoot the breeze and have fun and laugh and go about our way."
In Cheney's case, he shoots the other people. If you like the group of people so much how come you won't let them talk to you, liar? Besides, your "chitchatting" is hardly eloquent.

One of the bicycle-borne agents had mapped out the route, and he was the only person who knew where to turn when the road forked. Bush, however, made plain he was in charge. "Drop back," the commander in chief ordered the agent, with a thumb over his shoulder.The president explained later that he cherishes both the solitude and the social aspect of mountain biking. Let me get this straight, he loves the solitude but he brings along SUVs filled with men carrying machine guns and an entourage big enough to close down all the local roads and keep the protesters away.

"Generally when I ride it is the one time when I feel alone, even though I know people are behind me," he said. "I ask people a lot of times not to be in my line of vision because all I can see straight ahead is, you know, space." Hey buddy, we'll give you all the space you need if you'll just resign. We really don't want you to feel people are in your way. We know you like to have them killed.

Often, he said, when he is riding with his usual group near Washington he plugs headphones into his ears and cranks up his iPod, "and it's like I'm alone."We can assign you to solitary confinement cell after your war crimes trial and you can be alone for the rest of your life. Why didn't you ride your damned bike over near the levees you refused to fund. Get the hell out of our state, asswipe.
More tripe: Text of pResident Bush's radio address, I don't know how he can read this stuff.
Saturday is Earth Day, and many of you are asking how we can meet our growing energy needs while protecting our environment. The key is technology. So I have proposed the Advanced Energy Initiative to change the way we power our homes, businesses, and cars. I will visit the California Fuel Cell Partnership to take a closer look at hydrogen fuel cells, one of the exciting new technologies supported by my initiative. These fuel cells have the potential to revolutionize the way we power our cars by giving us vehicles that will emit no pollution and will be more efficient than gas-powered cars.
My Advanced Energy Initiative will also help improve hybrid vehicles -- cars and trucks that run partly on electricity and help drivers save gas. We're funding research into a new generation of plug-in hybrid vehicles that could be recharged in electrical outlets and could allow many drivers to make their daily commute using no gasoline.

Right, is that after you've sucked all the oil out of the planet ensuring billions more for you, Cheney and all your oil company executives? If Bush is saying Hydrogen is the fuel of the future, the Neocons must already own shares. Unless there's a profit in it for them, they don't do anything. "Don't buy gas if you don't need it."-Lieboy's solution.

Statement by President Bush on Iraq. Text at link...he took time at a nice safe CHP Academy away from the public again to issue a load of codswallop about Iraq. Months of patient negotiations? Bush isn't patient, he bombs first and doesn't ask questions later. Whoever wrote this "speech" for him is a liar too. No matter how many times they lie and say things are going well in Iraq it's just not true. The only thing going well for the thugs is the speedy completion of the largest U.S. Embassy in the world, outside Baghdad.
Sure seems like all Bush did was tell lies and ride his bike. He's got to keep up his stamina for all those psycopathic LIES he tells.


Anonymous Asta said...

First, let me recover from the mental images of Bush in spandex...gack!

Okay, I'm better now, I just hurled my breakfast and lunch, which will do wonders for my diet.

"I still ride the mountain bike primarily to help settle the soul and to burn off the excess energy one gets when you're living life to its fullest," Bush told an Associated Press reporter who accompanied him on the ride."

Oh, so if he has EXCESS ENERGY, why can't he sell it to us? He claims he cares about PEOPLE, is concerned about the little guy, wants to protect Americans. So since he's living LIFE TO THE FULLEST, he should siphon some BTUs off to the needy.

A real Christian would do that.

(Wait a New York Second! Let's backup. Why would a born again Xtian be SETTLING HIS SOUL? I thought all that Soul Settling got taken care of when you got reborn. Hmmm.)

Well, I guess my being unenergized and unsettled is because I ain't Living Life to the Fullest. Bad me. It has nothing to do with gasoline prices. (And this stupid FUCKING WAR!!!) It's because I ain't Living Life to the Fullest. If I could afford to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST, I would, but I can't. The best I can do is Live LICE to the Fullest.

(Among the myriad of reasons I enjoy your blog, one is because you know how to spell HYPOCRITE. Which is what these Rethug bastards are.)

Thanks for letting me rant.

Your fan,

3:23 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Hahaha....any time you want to rant against the hypocrites feel free; my space is your space. :)

I know EXACTLY what you mean about living life to the fullest...only the rich can afford such a luxury. The rest of us are scrambling out here to make sure one major illness doesn't wipe us out. Darn, I haven't set any money aside in my health savings fund yet. And my insurance company has cut benefits. I'll bet BAR doesn't have to mess up her beautiful mind with things we, and my own mother deal with. For example, Ahnuld first cut her dental plan,(via PERS) then gave it back after a hue and cry. That pushed her into a brand new (yet low) tax bracket on the SAME income and she now has to pay a couple of thousand MORE a year in taxes. Nice. The states have to pick up the slack where the feds have cut and we all get shafted one way or another.
Ahnuld has GOT to go. The Neocons have got to go too. Before we're all living in cardboard boxes and forced to dumpster dive to survive.

I wrote a thank you to Helen Thomas years ago before most folks realized she was one of VERY few real reporters left. She replied, among other things, "It's nice to have a fan." I now know what she meant. Thank you. :)

5:27 PM  

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