Monday, April 17, 2006

Ja! Full Support!

Rummy is here to stay. Full Support for Herr Rumsfeld is blasting out of the White House, memos from the Pentagon appeals for support from former generals, and appearances by the Torturer on Cystboy Limbaugh's winger radio show, where he said, "This too will pass" and incredibly, "Wars are terrible things." They're pulling out all the stops. The tough little bastard isn't going anywhere. The Battle of the Generals is in full swing. Two X-Gens came out in support, (out of thousands?) and the MSM is discrediting the generals calling for Rumsfeld's resignation. What about the troops? Who gives a damn about our troops? Certainly not the treasonous Mr. Rumsfeld who said that too many troops in Iraq would be intrusive.
Rumsfeld has doomed them to failure. All this administsration cares about is protecting its Middle Eastern financial concerns, not the troops. CNN's Wolfie-the-Whore-Blitzkrieg wondered aloud whether Rummy should step down for the good of the party and possibly be replaced by that well known Neocon, Lieberman. Ahhh, true colors coming through all over the place.
Diversions are coming out of the woodwork. Israeli suicide bomber, possible staff shuffle at the White House, brownouts/blackouts in Houston, and of course, the ever-popular arrest of a suspect in the Aruban Murder of the Century. Nothing to see here, move on. Stop! Children, What's that sound?


Anonymous Asta said...

I think we are so screwed.

I am almost afraid to wake up in the mornings now. What will I learn when I turn on the TV? That we've attacked Iran? That Israel has ceased to be? Martial Law declared?

The rolling blackouts in Houston speaks volumes. It's like they're taunting us, saying "lookee here what we can do to you and you can't do nuthin' about it". It's really an "in your face" kind of scare tactic, but it's a tactic that works.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

Yes, they can do what they want. It IS scary. Until they do it to enough people, make that white-middle-class people, I fear folks won't wake up in will be too late.

3:13 PM  

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