Friday, April 21, 2006

Lieboy! Get the HELL Out of California!

We don't want you here, you killer! Go back to Crawford! Why did I have to pay $3.49 a gallon for gas today you bastard? The whole spectacle was disgusting. Ahnuld did NOT look happy and shitboy looked smug.
Ahnuld snubbed Bush on his last two visits; he should have done it again. This photo op backfired. Bush denied Federal money for the failing California levees. The Terminator failed to get the money, instead Bush is "allowing" the Army Corps of engineers to work on the levees, using $23 million of CA taxes instead. Ahnuld did all that Chertoff schmoozing for nothing. Ahnuld should have known Bush would want to stick it to Big Blue in any way he could. Fabian Nuñez, the Democratic speaker of the state Assembly, cast the White House response as, "Bush to California: Drop dead."
Ahnuld has hired a Rove boy, Steve Schmidt, to be his campaign manager. It figures since Rove put him into the Governor role with the phony Davis recall. Stupid move; it shows further who calls the shots for Arnie.On the national scene, Schmidt earned his reputation as a steely political strategist who ran the Bush 2004 war room and became a member of the exclusive Breakfast Club, the small group of top operatives who planned the campaign during regular meetings at the home of White House political strategist Karl Rove.
Today's desperate public meeting with the floundering buffoon won't pump up Arnold's limping campaign, It was a faux pas to be seen with Mr. 33% approval rating. Schwarzenegger showed more poor judgement the day before Dubya visited. He shouldn't have criticized the thugs if he wanted dough, they punish disloyal party members. "We are one big storm or one big earthquake away from a major disaster just like Katrina," Schwarzenegger said. "Everyone seems to understand that but the federal government." Whoops. Arrogant Bush had to show Ahnuld who's in charge. The Terminator will likely lose his job (hopefully) and be forced back into bad acting. Bush continued bitch slapping Ahnuld who graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a business B.A. in 1979:
Average student
Bush urges Americans to study.
Stressing the importance of college, he turned to the former action movie star and said: 'You did get out of college, yes? Look, I don't need to be talking; I barely got out, myself.' (C student)He was in the high-tech region to talk with business leaders about improved training for high tech workers.
As usual, protesters showed up but were kept blocks away and arrests were made...the land of the free and the home of the brave.


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