Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Neocons Nuking Nevada

Nyookular, nyukular, newculer, it's still a bomb. The idiot doesn't have to be able to pronounce the word correctly to "decide" to drop them. Lieboy and his mob are insane. Nuclear test, Divine Strake, is scheduled to occur in Nevada on June 2, 2006. The P-Nackers love to give rollicking fun names to their bombs and attacks. This test dovetails nicely with Neocon plans to blow up Iran. Practice makes perfect.
I dunno, if I lived in Las Vegas, I might be making plans to leave those bright lights behind.
Pentagon Plans Explosion at Nevada Site
The Pentagon plans to detonate 700 tons of conventional high explosives in Nevada in a June 2 test designed to gauge the effectiveness of weapons against deeply buried targets, officials said on March 30. "All explosives, given the right thermal characteristics, will create a cloud that may resemble a mushroom cloud," the Defense Threat Reduction Agency said in a statement. "The dust cloud from Divine Strake may reach an altitude of 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) and is not expected to be visible off the Nevada Test Site." Tegnelia said because of the power of the explosion, officials will notify Russia and make sure authorities in Las Vegas understand the test.
Understand? Understand WHAT? That they might glow in the dark or DIE of some horrible illness that the government will deny happened? Bush is testing out nyukyular weapons to practice for Iran bunker busting and earth shattering and KILLING.Randi Rhodes was on Lou Dobbs today. She brought up the Nevada nuclear test. She also tossed in Lieboy's obvious insanity. Heh heh. I wonder what Lou's more "conservative" viewers thought about that? She told Lou many of her callers and listeners are concerned that Bush is insane or on drugs. I'd say BOTH and I'm a caller and listener. Lou clearly likes her...hell, she's funny and informed. The best kind of woman! She talks fast and gets her points in. That's what Liberals have to do to be heard over the winger's droning talking points. Clip of both segments courtesy of JordyMJohnson's blog, virtualmatter.

More on the insanity. YIKES! In hour two of the Randi Rhodes show, she and Dr. Justin Frank, author of Bush On The Couch discussed the brain of George Bush. Scary stuff. Nothing new to those of us paying attention and reading, just more validation. What a sick family. But we knew that too. Short audio clip Listen here, just enough to whet one's appetite. The tip of the psychological iceberg. The archives aren't up yet. It's worth listening to those segments. Apparently George has no compassion for the suffering of others due to his absent father and cold bitch of a mother. (Okay, I added bitch, well, she IS.) The day after Dubya's younger sister died, Poppy and Bar went off to play golf and never even had a funeral. It explains why death is such a foreign concept to the little lad. He can't attend troop funerals. He feels nothing. Perhaps he thought he'd disappear next? Part of his defense mechanism is to not need anything or anyone. Translation, he's arrogant, cock-sure of himself, and bullheaded. So he just can't play nicely with others. Or animals. He blew up frogs as a kid. He should have been in therapy then. Instead he went on to drink too much. And we let this man have his paws on the big red button that could finish off the world? Fool me once...and we can't go home again.


Blogger SNAKE HUNTERS said...

Curiosity alone...

What do you fellas do
when you're not Hatin'?

How long did it take? Was
it just Leslie Cagan's magic
wand that did this to you?

If Hatred could somehow be
converted into Kilowatts,
you could all be
Power-Houses! Whewee!!!

Are you all Infallible Imams
or Ayatollahs? Sinless, too?


1:42 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

So, you think it's a good idea to start testing nuclear bombs? You must not live in Nevada. Think it's a good idea to nuke Iran? I'll just bet you think Saddam had something to do with 9/11. Are you happy in your ignorance of the FACTS? Are you happily cavorting around thinking all is well with the world and that Bush is wonderful? If so, you're in the minority and have your head stuffed up your own ass. Sad. Listen to Limbaugh for your "facts" and watch a lot of Fux Gnus? Too bad. You won't know what hit you when the neocons are finished destroying the middle class in this country. The Great Depression was NOTHING compared to what these thugs have in store for us all. Wake the hell up!

9:47 PM  

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