Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Phone Jamming? Pass the Popcorn

Be still my heart. The New York Times reported cheating in the Senatorial race in New Hampshire.(A Small-Time Crime With Hints of Big-Time Connections Lights Up the Net) A few of us out here noticed but this crime pales in comparison to other lies and skullduggery committed by the new right. There's a mountain of crimes to be apoplectic over. Until Judith Miller a NYT "journalist" is exposed as the liar she is I don't have much faith in the Times. Until that load of lies gets a proper airing, I don't see what all the fuss is about. It's just a little phone jamming by Republicans to cheat Democrats. In the grand scheme of underhanded and illegal techniques used by Rove's Storm Troopers this little incident in New Hampshire is nothing. A drop in the crooked infested bucket.

In 2000 the Miami Brooks Brothers Riots to stop the presidential vote counting got scant attention. Out of state Republicans suddenly had to protest the vote count. The Washington Post did a good little follow-up on them but I don't recall Wolf-the-whore-Blitzer mentioning anything about it. I don't recall headlines in the major newspapers announcing the theft of presidential elections. I don't recall Fox Gnus EVER reporting much truth. I don't recall Chris-the-tool-Matthews hardening his balls to report the truth. I don't recall what a free press looks like.
Here's what some of the others went on to do:
No. 1. Tom Pyle, who had worked for Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), went private sector a few months later, getting a job as director of federal affairs for Koch Industries.
No. 7. Roger Morse, another House aide, moved on to the law and lobbying firm Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds. "I was also privileged to lead a team of Republicans to Florida to help in the recount fight," he told a legal trade magazine in a 2003 interview.
No. 8. Duane Gibson, an aide on the House Resources Committee, was a solo lobbyist and formerly with the Greenberg Traurig lobby operation. He is now with the Livingston Group as a consultant.
No. 9. Chuck Royal was and still is a legislative assistant to Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a former House member.
No. 10. Layna McConkey Peltier, who had been a Senate and House aide and was at Steelman Health Strategies during the effort, is now at Capital Health Group.
The rest of them couldn't be found. It was only noticed by those of us who want to know the truth, apparently a minority. John Bolton was one of many wingnut lawyers sent by Republicans to scrutinize Florida chads. John who? Instead of any investigation into who those angry people in Florida were and what their motives could possibly be, the counting was stopped because it was "disruptive" and the Supreme Court was used to declare George W. Bush president. Democrats who actually won the election were told to get over it and stop being such sore losers. There's reason to believe Justice O'Connor was worried she couldn't retire unless Bush "won" the election. Bush vs. Gore was a tainted travesty of justice.
Rigged computerized voting machines, known as Black Box Voting, have been used nationwide to count our votes. These same voting machine companies are owned by Republicans, easy to hack, yet no conflict of interest is seen? Diebold, ES&S, Sequoia, all had suspicious results. In Florida and other states voters were disenfranchised for no good reason other than being Democrats. Howling over cheating has gone on nationwide but has been ignored by mainstream media or painted as sour grapes.
Why get our knickers in a twist over a little friendly phone jamming?
Watergate had the nation riveted. We knew Nixon was a liar. Could corruption at the highest levels be stopped? Only by little mistakes. We "accidentally" found out about the White House tapes. We "accidentally" found out that burglars had broken into the Watergate offices of Democrats. Dirty campaign tricks were synonymous with the Nixon mob, Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, and other cheat-to-win shady characters; supposedly an anomaly. Instead they turn out to have been honing their skills then for the big coup of 2000 followed by the big coup of 2004. Ohio was rigged with barely any atttention paid. And we're to expect some justice now out of a little phone jamming scheme in a tiny little state with few electoral votes. Heck, it's just Sununu jr. His daddy was worse, wasnt't he?
Karl Rove's actions from the day he was a College Republican until now have always been shady and underhanded, dare I say illegal? And we're now supposed to get a glimmer of hope that justice and truth will prevail because somebody's phone was busy? Give me a break. This country has descended into crooked politics even Nixon could only imagine in his wildest dreams, and this will go absolutely nowhere.
These days we're "allowed" to get excited about a couple of "gotcha" moments, so we don't revolt, while we're being robbed blind and people are dying behind the scenes and the PNAC gang pursues stated goals. It keeps us busy and gives us hope. Just enough hope that the system will actually work this time so that we don't say enough is enough and storm the Bastille. Hitler would be so proud of the Bushes. He liked Prescott, he'd LOVE Dubya. They've perfected thuggery and seemingly affected fewer victims. What Americans aren't noticing is that in the interim the Constitution has been dismantled and the treasury has been emptied.
Phone jamming. Hahahaha. Maybe one or two people will go to jail for a couple of years...if that. Shut up Americans who don't like it. Anyone who disagrees with such criminal, make that fair play activities is just a whiner and WILL be smeared by the White House machine.
It's time for the Mrs. Twitty/Foghorn Cosby show to take up some more air time. Let's get our priorities straight. A blonde girl missing from Aruba is so much more important than the destruction of Democracy. Thanks winger-owned media. We sure appreciate your help in exposing all the corruption. But unless it's on television, Americans continue consuming while they still can, oblivious to the deficit, oblivious to the actions of the most corrupt bunch of thugs known to mankind. George Bush is a proven liar. Another crooked liar:The Tom Delay connection to New Hampshire phone jamming.
We're in a war based on Neocon lies. Turns out it was about the oil and power. The joke's on us. All's fair in hate and war. Just ask a Bush. The New York Times article states, "We know the questions to ask." The problem is that nobody has to answer any questions at all. Justice is now the anomaly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I won't resubscribe to the Times because they did not get to the bottom of 9-11 and how Bush provoked it.

They did not print the story of theillegal surveillance program before the 2004 election.

They did nothing about the wire that George W Bush appeared to have worn in one of the debates before the 2004 election.

They did nothing about exposing the hiding of the voting machines in Ohio by Ken Blackwell in the 2004 election.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Good for you! I hope you let them know why.

11:24 PM  

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