Saturday, April 15, 2006

Taxes Are For Suckers

Lieboy gave another canned Radio Address today. The most important part to him? I believe Congress needs to make the tax relief permanent. Congress needs to make the tax relief permanent. Right. Who benefits? The warmongering Bush Crime Family. Not only has Bush emptied the treasury but wants more tax cuts during a "time of war" on CREDIT. Anyone who believes this documented liar needs their head examined. Alas, some have been fooled into thinking of taxes as a bad thing. That's what the elites WANT you to think. Taxes are meant to support our infrastructure, not line the pockets of the already obscenely wealthy.
The Taxman comes for the little people, while crooks like Cheney make out like bandits. The Bushes always profit from war. Prescott to Dubya, they get wealthy on death and corruption. Corporate welfare is killing this country. It's time people woke the hell up before the middle class no longer exists.


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