Saturday, May 20, 2006

Border Troll

Bush Plan. Two or three week rotations for National Guard units, starting with 300, and resulting in zero accountability. It seems Bush just wants the left hand to be unaware of what the right hand is doing. Drug smuggling? Maybe. Nothing's beyond the thugs. If he hadn't cut the Border Patrol in the first place there wouldn't be a need for the Guard.
The idea that the Border Patrol must be "freed up to do their jobs" makes no sense either. Looks like Bush wants drug cops at the border. It's not about immigration at all.
Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano said Arizona is ready for deployments after months of preparation. In addition to assisting Border Patrol agents, Napolitano said, the Guard can focus on the increasing drug trade that has wreaked havoc on Arizona families.

"I would like to expand their role in drug interdiction because our border is not just an issue of illegal immigration," said Napolitano on Saturday at the Guard's annual conference in Carefree. "There is a lot of drug trafficking, especially methamphetamine. The president is intent on making this happen. We are not militarizing the border. The goal is to free up the Border Patrol to do their jobs."

And how convenient, none of it will be fully "in place" until he's out of office. He's leaving a nightmare for whoever is president next.

This looks like a politician's log rolling vacation.
National Guard Conference
57th Annual Conference and Golf Tournament
Carefree Resort and Villas
May 19th - 20th, 2006


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