Friday, May 19, 2006

Bully Boy Border Photo Op

The Liar in Thief as a follow up to his lose/lose "speech" on immigration, hypocritically photo opped his way around the Arizona desert spewing bullshit across the border. His ripoff "budget" has cut 9,790 Border Patrol Agents. He wants to send 6,000 National Guard troops to patrol the border instead. Not only is the Guard already stretched beyond thin in Iraq and Afghanistan but many are on their third and fourth tours. Shitboy has pissed off everyone involved from his racist comrades in Congress, to the Border Patrol to border states.Chimp did his photo op, sans codpiece this time, then scurried out of harm's way. He should have checked with his head of Homeland Security, as they have different views. Chertoff says the National Guard isn't right for the job....few noticed. Media Matters did.
Media ignore Chertoff's flip-flop on sending National Guard to border
Summary: Following President Bush's announcement of his proposal to deploy as many as 6,000 National Guard troops to the Mexican border, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff defended the administration's plan to bolster border protection in numerous media appearances and interviews. But in their coverage, media generally failed to mention that in December 2005, Chertoff characterized the deployment of the National Guard for border protection as "a horribly overexpensive and very difficult way to manage this problem."

In a December 15, 2005, interview on Fox News, however, Chertoff emphatically opposed the idea of sending Guard troops to the border, as the weblog TPM Muckraker noted in a May 16 entry (crediting Congressional Quarterly's Patrick Yoest). Bill O'Reilly, host of The O'Reilly Factor, asked Chertoff, "Why don't you put the National Guard on the border to back up the Border Patrol?" to which Chertoff responded:

CHERTOFF: I think the National Guard's really, first of all, not trained for that mission. I mean, the fact of the matter is the border is a special place. There are special challenges that are faced there.
O'REILLY: You don't think you can do that? I think the Guard could do that.

CHERTOFF: I think it would be a horribly overexpensive and very difficult way to manage this problem.
O'REILLY: But it's something.
CHERTOFF: I think there's a smarter way to do it.

Here in California the soon-to-be-deposed Ahnuldinator squawked about the feasibility of the Bush "plan" for troops at our border:
"We have thousands of National Guards in Iraq. So we are already stretching and really at, the tremendous stress, the way things are right now because we have a shortage of National Guards that are here in California." Spoken like the language mangler he is.
Further Schwarzenegger, dummkopf that he is on most issues, realizes the need to let National Guardsmen and women get back to their own lives, especially since he realized the state of CA would have to pay for lodging, food, etc.
Immigration is not the problem, these are other human beings seeking the same things in life as everyone else; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As long as corporations rule and run roughshod over the world in search of a buck and slave labor this "issue" isn't going anywhere. Cheap Labor Conservatives won't be happy until they've turned the world's workforce into their slaves. The rest of us won't be happy until the thugs and thieves are out of power. Something's got to give. Wedge issue manufacturing such as gay marriage, abortion, keeping braindead people hooked up to tubes, immigration, that's all the Buscheneyco assholes ever do, to distract and divide while they continue robbing us blind.
And they'd love nothing better than a national "disaster" (flu, another "attack", etc.) to declare martial law before the next elections...with troops already in place. How convenient.


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