Friday, May 05, 2006

Hayden - Perfect Spy - For Fascism

Whether or not Porter Goss was involved in the CIA/Defense contractor prostitution scandal is almost irrelevant in the big picture of intel manipulation and stonewalling leak investigations. The thugs want Iran and they need "proof" to support that goal. But more importantly, it's about lockstep control of all Intelligence, how it can be framed and to whom it will be doled out...or leaked. First the Bush thugs ignored CIA information that didn't support their lies. (memos re: 9/11) Then they put Stop-Gap Goss in charge to weaken the entire agency's credibility, while covering BusCheneyCo's ass from the inside. Total control of the CIA by the cabal comes in the form of Air Force General Michael Hayden, currently top National Intelligence Director to John Negroponte. His Air Force Bio. His NSA Bio. After the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Hayden authorized a comprehensive effort to conduct surveillance on phone calls without warrants. Known simply as "The Program," the initiative has generated an intense debate about its legality. Negroponte and Cheney don't want their hands tied in any way...they want us ALL under surveillance. Illegal wiretapping for any reason without a FISA warrant. Citizen beware! Watch what you say and who you call. HumintIf Hayden becomes CIA head, Bamford said, it would be his first venture into the area of "humint," or human intelligence, as opposed to electronic surveillance. "Hayden spent his entire career as an intelligence techie," Bamford said. "So this will be the first time he's heavily involved in humint." In April 2005, Hayden became principal deputy director of national intelligence. In that post, he has run the daily operations of the office, which was created last year by Congress in response to the failure to thwart the Sept. 11 attacks.

WaPo Goss Forced Out as CIA Director; Gen. Hayden Is Likely Successor "Once Negroponte came in and Porter was no longer doing the president's daily briefings, he lost the opportunity to build the kind of relationship with the president that other directors had," said Mark Lowenthal, who was a senior adviser to Tenet and briefly to Goss before leaving the agency in March 2005.
Hayden in a joint pressfest with Gitmo Gonzo, defending NSA wiretapping as vital to national security.transcript, Dec. 2005 And before the Judiciary Committee, Hayden stuck to his guns. They can spy whenever and wherever they want. transcript U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Holds a Hearing on Wartime Executive Power and the NSA's Surveillance Authority.
AG Gonzales stated the government has permission to eavesdrop.(Time magazine, Jan. 24, 2006)"FISA, by its own terms, was not intended to be the last word on these critical issues."
Big brother is watching.PBS Feb. 2006 PBS interview
CHENEY: "We believe, Jim, that we have all the legal authority we need." They have it sewn up. They can spy on all of us for any reason any time and they don't have to tell us a thing, unless it serves their purposes: War with Iran, crushing dissent. Can U.S. Death Squads be far behind? Maybe after they've nuked Iran based on all that new "intelligence" that Hayden will produce.


Anonymous Cell Whitman esq. said...

Nice post and observations, Panda.

I wonder why they don't just go to their... well, their 'go to' guy, their Messiah.

I am the founder of [the] Washington Times. I can get all the secrets and details of your life if I want. Sun Myung Moon Oct 28, 2004

12:42 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

Thanks, Cell. I'm sure they are, behind our backs.

11:37 AM  

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