Friday, May 05, 2006

Hit The Deck

Batten down the hatches. The tornado of spin this weekend as the White House engages in damage control should make us all dizzy. Deck chairs are flying off the Hindenburg. Today Lieboy announced the resignation of CIA Director, Porter Goss. The press briefing wasn't live, it was on taped delay; no chance for questions about failed intelligence or hookers at Watergate, even though we know the investigation has grown beyond Cunningham.

Cunningham Is Suspected Of Asking for Prostitutes;
Federal prosecutors are investigating whether two contractors implicated in the bribery of former Rep. Randall "Duke" Cunningham supplied him with prostitutes and free use of a limousine and hotel suites, pursuing evidence that could broaden their long-running inquiry. Besides scrutinizing the prostitution scheme for evidence that might implicate contractor Brent Wilkes, investigators are focusing on whether any other members of Congress, or their staffs, may also have used the same free services, though it isn't clear whether investigators have turned up anything to implicate others. Mr. Wade in February pleaded guilty to giving bribes of more than $1 million to Mr. Cunningham, including cash, antiques and payment for yachts. Mr. Wade, who hasn't been sentenced yet, is cooperating with prosecutors. According to people with knowledge of the investigation, Mr. Wade told investigators that Mr. Cunningham periodically phoned him to request a prostitute, and that Mr. Wade then helped to arrange for one. A limousine driver then picked up the prostitute as well as Mr. Cunningham, and drove them to one of the hotel suites, originally at the Watergate Hotel, and subsequently at the Westin Grand.

Perhaps gay hookers. Goss himself said he wasn't qualified to run the CIA. Instead of the usual "spend time with my family" excuses, Bush said the last two years were just "transitional" but that's another lie. Next, word came that Death Squad Negroponte ousted Goss new the CIA chief, as yet unannounced. Hitler isn't available but there are plenty of candidates in the thug pool. However, for over a month the Randy Cunningham bribery scandal has been crawling closer to the CIA, and Goss. The New York Times remains a loyal whore and reports that this is merely part of the reinvigorating shake-up under Smirky the Chimp.
Goss is under investigation related to bribery by defense contractors. The CIA inspector general has opened an investigation into the spy agency's executive director, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, and his connections to two defense contractors accused of bribing a member of Congress and Pentagon officials.The dot connections between limos, hookers and contractors here at TPM.As Josh Marshall (a REAL reporter) says, "Anything sound fishy to you?" Indeed, and luckily the story has grown all over the net and AAR. We sure as hell can't rely on the MSM.
We've know all along this sort of stuff was going on in the most secretive administration in history. Sunday is the 69th Anniversary of the day the Hindenburg blew up. How deliciously appropriate.


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