Friday, May 12, 2006

Katherine Kalling

After all she did for the boys, Jeb has turned on poor Katherine Harris. Lieboy looks chuffed to see her again, no wedding ring and everything. Poor Kath has three Republican challengers and no support from Jebby the pignosed Florida Decider. No loyalty in the Bush clan unless there's quid pro quo. Katherine's job was to deliver Florida's electoral votes in 2000 and disenfranchise as many Democrats as possible. Mission Accomplished. Now, she's a liability. Just like one of her heroes, Tom DeLay, she wants to renew her gun toting license. St. Petersburg Times She succeeded in shooting herself in the foot, again, by appearing in a photo op at a shooting range. Harris aims to renew permit. After getting death threats as secretary of state in the 2000 election, she got a concealed weapons permit. Funny how the gun nuts let their licenses to carry concealed weapons lapse. She's now a joke no matter what she does. Crooks and liars has another video up. here

She fucked up again, I almost feel sorry for her, then I remember she helped the Fascists take over and is a millionaire for life and I come to my senses. But it is pretty pathetic to watch those bastards let one of their supposed "friends" twist slowly in the wind. Why don't they put her out of her misery? Herald Tribune"Polls have shown Harris as much as 32 percentage points behind Nelson, and she has struggled to raise money. She has also struggled to distance herself from questions about her dealings with a corrupt defense contractor, who in February admitted in federal court that he gave Harris illegal campaign donations."
On Colmes' show:
COLMES: Did Mitchell offer to hold a fundraiser for you? And did you ask for $10 million that would have gone to benefit his company?
HARRIS: I asked for an appropriation for an authorized naval program in Sarasota, Florida, which would bring a lot of new jobs. So, clearly -- and, in the future, I had hoped that he would host one for me.
COLMES: So there was a quid pro quo?
HARRIS: There was no quid pro quo, ever.

An aside to myself...I know nobody's reading this, barely any comments. I get so discouraged when I see quickie photoshop jobs out there showing up earlier than my own. One word or a caption instead of a's disheartening to witness the praise they get. I'd started a couple of posts and was referred to another site by an LA poster. I had a look, everyone thought it was hilarious. I thought it was a rush-job, crappy caption, no photoshopping at all, and sucked. Am I too critical because I know what effort it takes? Am I trying too fucking hard? Too much of a perfectionist? Hell, I'm not creating masterpieces but I know CRAP and LAZY posting when I see it but to accolades? Jesus christ it's bloody insulting! I don't fucking get it. I can't do that sloppy shit and I don't have a staff of other people helping me. Maybe I need other bloggers on board or I should just pack it in. Or I could just pay no heed. As for writing, it's just what I think. I can't not be me. Why do it at all if it's nothing to do with my own thoughts. Again, I see rave reviews out there for things I don't find vaguely amusing or interesting. But I get bored easily.
It's been a bad week. Actually it sort of sucked badly. Maybe that's why I'm so fucking sensitive. I hate that. I haven't even got my Foggo and Rover posts done yet. They're in progress. Out of sheer frustration I got rid of a bunch of pics I was working on and now I'm pissed at myself. I'm way behind where my head has gone. The internet has moved on without me. Fuck. And yeah, I used to think not having anybody visit would suit me just fine. I didn't need no stinkin' readers. I'm not good at tooting my own horn. Thank you, fucking nuns from hell at Our Lady of Guilt Convent!!! But now I feel differently. It kinda sucks that only two or three people actually care. I guess I'll continue, just for myself. I still need an outlet without sucking the air out of other people's spaces. Fine. Fuck everyone who doesn't like my shit. I have to let it out or my head might burst. It's full. Okay, I can go on now. Thank you, me. You're welcome me.
Yeah, I personally shopped them, and it doesn't happen in a flash like typing in ONE WORD or one caption! And I'm NEVER done. It's a PROCESS. ONGOING. Arrrrgggghhhhh! WITHOUT END!


Anonymous Asta said...

Panda, you are becoming so skilled in photoshop, that I had to have these images analyzed by experts.

And it turns out these are genuine.

Oh, if only I had 32K to spend on plastic surgery...sigh. I could be a contender.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Hahaha...Asta, thanks...I needed that. I do try...and I've got a long way to go but my heart's in the left place. ;)
She wasted her money if those were the best results she could get.It's supposed to look NATURAL, not like two Hindenburgs attached to her rib cage. Just imagine what babes we could all be with that But I wouldn't get way. That's why they invented bras. Hahahaha. I'm thinking more along the lines of a total body lift.

8:05 PM  

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