Monday, May 08, 2006

King Dubya's Honorary Degree

Oklahoma State invited the illiterate Dubya Bush to give their commencement address. I know it wasn't up to the student body per se but a few protests would have been nice...instead just a couple of daring peace signs were applied with tape to mortar boards. Perhaps the rest of the student body agrees with the policies of this administration. That's just plain scary. Unfortunately, it would appear the kids and faculty like and admire our killer pResident. They were glad he was there. They liked his speech. (Transcript) It was the same one he gives everywhere, Laura couldn't be here, blah blah, she's a great first lady, blah blah. They loved it. His appearance was a prestigious event they said. Chimpy the C student "earned" an honorary degree. That's also just plain scary. What value can a sheepskin from OSU have if they're handed out so freely to moronic killers? I know, the students earned theirs. The school administration chose to have Bush attend and to bestow such an honor upon him. The man can barely read. Lieboy advised the students to use technology wisely but he didn't go into how he plans to use technology to spy on all of us in the name of national security. Nobody asked about it either. Disappointing. Curious about such a docile group of students I looked at their site. It's the perfect Republican school, really pretty campus. And they love George Bush, they really love him.


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