Sunday, May 21, 2006

Press One to Wiretap, Two to Silence

Three to press charges, and steerike, yer out! Gonzales states it's perfectly legal to prosecute reporters who leak national security threats. i.e. Truthful information about how much the White House is tapping our phones."The Program" wasn't supposed to be leaked. Just things that help the thugs. Look out reporters, here comes Gonzales, Attorney General to the Thugs. He wouldn't wiretap y'all unless he had to, he's a good ol' boy, loves baseball, but especially likes to ride bikes, just like you know who. AND he can toss balls in a suit. Mmmm.
Gonzales also defended the NSA wiretapping program, insisting the Justice Department has not been reviewing the "content" in journalists' phone records without a court order. The attorney general reiterated that the rights of a free press cannot trump national security but added, "I understand very much the role the press plays in our society." Exactly, that's why he wants to shut any of them up who DARE to report what BuschenCo is UP TO!

When asked whether journalists should be prosecuted for publishing classified material, Gonzales answered, "It depends on the circumstances. We have an obligation to make sure the people are protected."
Regarding recent reports that the Justice Department has not been able to conduct a thorough review of the NSA surveillance program as directed by Congress, Gonzales said it would be "inappropriate" for him to comment, but he repeatedly defended the many decisions about what materials investigators are cleared to view.

Oh my, even Faux Gnus commented. Their (hahahahaha) "reporters" are safe, all they air is pre-approved by Big Time Dick in the White House.
Attorney General Says Reporters Can Be Prosecuted for Publishing Classified Leaks
Sunday, May 21, 2006
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Sunday he believes journalists can be prosecuted for publishing classified information, citing an obligation to national security.
The nation's top law enforcer also said the government will not hesitate to track telephone calls made by reporters as part of a criminal leak investigation, but officials would not do so routinely and randomly.
"There are some statutes on the book which, if you read the language carefully, would seem to indicate that that is a possibility," Gonzales said, referring to prosecutions. "We have an obligation to enforce those laws. We have an obligation to ensure that our national security is protected."
Gonzales said he would not comment specifically on whether The New York Times should be prosecuted for disclosing the NSA program last year based on classified information.

He also denied that authorities would randomly check journalists' records on domestic-to-domestic phone calls in an effort to find journalists' confidential sources.

Wiretapper Gonzo was on This Week with Steffi the Whore this morning. Steffasaurus let him slide on illegal wiretapping, breaking the law and violating the Constitution of the United States. He didn't even challenge the notion of reporters being prosecuted for reporting the NEWS, perhaps because he doesn't know what that's like. Steffi, plagued by "little man" complex, is one of the worst presstitutes out there. He should be on Fux where he belongs. Roger Ailes would love him. Probably already does.
Hey, Gonzo, howzabout prosecuting felons in the White House for leaking the name of an undercover CIA agent investigating Iraq and Iran WMD programs. Oh, right, that would be "inappropriate", the favorite word of thugs who are LYING.


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