Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Proof the GOP SUCKS!

$70 Billion more for the BORROWED taxes that WE have to pay. PDF state by state analysis HR 4297Rep Bill Thomas (R CA) House Ways and Means Committee...fuck you! Republicans on the House floor yammering on about how fucking fabulous the economy is....fuck you! Raise our borrowing limit? Fuck you! Tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy. Fuck each and every one of you bastards, male and female repukelickans! You suck! You're treasonous bastards and you make me sick. It IS class warfare, Eric Cantor R Virginia you lying sack of fucking shit. Growth in outlays? Fuck you! That must include gigantic goddamned vehicles for which you give a tax break.
Fuck you Hastert! Fat gluttonous lying PIG! HR 4297...fuck them all. They're doing their best to clean out the last crumbs before they get ousted from the House. They're all traitors to the United States' Constitution. Impeach ALL their asses! Did I mention fuck you, GOP?


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