Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Strong and Growing BULLSHIT!

At a "speech" more like hurled insults to mainstream America and pandering assurances to sycophants, the commander in thief threw out his usual Trickle Down bullshit to another carefully screened audience of his adoring fans and donors.Lieboy Discusses Strong and Growing U.S. Economy. Grand Hyatt Hotel, Washington, D.C.:What I'm really thrilled is, is that the American Council of Engineering Companies would allow a history major to come by to speak to you. (Laughter.)
I beg your pardon? A history major? Ahahahaha. Apparently English wasn't required. God help us all! Yeah, the economy is just booming out here, you lying bastard.I know that members have been down to help rebuild the communities along the Gulf Coast. And for those of you who have been down there, or may live down there, you know what that storm did. I mean, you talk about wiping out a part of our country, just flat did. And it makes a difference in people's lives when good-hearted citizens come down and lend their talents and expertise to help rebuild. I've been down there quite a bit; ...And it's amazing what the collective compassion of America has done to help lift the spirits of our fellow citizens. Translation: you're on your own America Du Bois. You must now rely on the kindness of strangers should tragedy or disaster befall you. Those taxes you paid for such emergencies are gone.Gone to Halliburton, to Bechtel, to big corporations currently "rebuilding" hahaha, Iraq. The corporations turn around and give donations to Bush and the Republicans, it worked the same way for Hitler. Yes, the similarities are clear. Two Fascists in a pod.

He meandered on:
"One of the things I try to do is promote an ownership society" Translation: He and his thugs take our taxes while they privatize the government programs for which we surrender taxes in the first place.
"Home ownership recently reached record levels." And foreclosures are up nationwide (21% in Los Angeles)you sonofabitch."One of the most important explanations for this strong economy is low taxes." (Applause.) Lower taxes for the obscenely wealthy and more taxes for US in individual states to make up for the Federal shortfall. I understand with more investment, this economy of ours will grow. That's what you want to encourage. You want to encourage people to invest. Invest all that extra dough y'all have lying around after the bills are paid. The whole speech is riddled with lies, distortions and calls to make the tax cuts permanent. And of course, to cut that pesky Capital Gains tax that none of us out here in normal life pay because we aren't inheriting massive amounts of money from wealthy relatives or corporations. Bush makes it sound like the $100,000 Aunt Jane is leaving us will be taxed. It won't. Republicans keep on and on about bipartisan this and bipartisan that and civility in Congress. Their actions belie their words. I'm sick to fucking death of it. They're LYING. They constantly attack, attack, attack.
By the way, there's a struggle here in Washington about who best can spend your money. (Laughter.)...A year-and-a-half ago, a Democrat senator informed us the economy may be on the brink of collapse. The Democrats' record of pessimism has been consistent; it's been consistently wrong. (Applause.) No, you thief, we've been right each and every time and you've been lying. Oh, and by the way it's DemocratIC not Democrat party.(Karl Rove started that moniker along with making Liberal a dirty word.) Unless they want to be called the Republicker Party they can knock that reframing shit off. Democrats are pessimistic? No, we're angry at the theft and killing with our tax dollars. Seeing what's going on isn't pessimism, it's rage.

Discretionary spending is where the Congress can decide whether or not to increase or decrease a particular budget. Every year since I took office, we've slowed the growth of discretionary spending that's not related to the military or homeland security. The last two budgets have actually had cuts in this kind of spending. We've reduced the spending. That's our money being cut from programs that benefit society as a whole he's glossing over there.
I could take virtually every paragraph and prove it's not true but...

Chimp brought up a businessman in the audience as an example of how well the economy is doing. Mr.Ten Eyck turns out to be a donor and trustee of ACEC/PAC. ACEC Government Advocacy PAC. SFC member Gregg Ten Eyck of Leonard Rice Engineers, Inc. in Denver, CO. Specialty: CIVIL / WATER RESOURCES & HYDROLOGY (He's listed as Chaiman.) Leonard Rice Inc. is also connected to other major contractors including Halliburton and Bechtel via alumni friends, mines, shareholders.
Listed as a philanthropic organization.
There's a business owner today named Gregg Ten Eyck. You know old Gregg. I just named him. Where are you? There he is, right there. (Laughter.) I hope you're okay with -- is that your son? Your son? Yes. Is it okay to mention the old man's name in public? (Laughter.) Good, because I just did. Gregg is -- runs an engineering company in Denver, Colorado. He brought his family -- thank you all for being here. He files as a subchapter S corporation. Most of you know what that means. For those of you who don't, it means that he pays taxes on business income at individual income tax rates.
Stories like Gregg's prove the tax cuts are doing what we want them to do. And that's to get this economy growing so people can find work. That's what we want.

See the rest of his speech at the link above. It made me sick. It should make every American sick. We're being robbed blind and told to enjoy the ride.


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