Sunday, May 07, 2006

Titanic Basshole

Lieboy said his best moment as pResident was when he caught a 7.5lb perch at his little fake lake. Problem with that lie is, a perch of that size would have to be found in Africa. Nile Perch get huge but they're a different breed of perch. There are pictures of him holding unfortunate striped bass but no perch. Either he's lying, AGAIN, or he was drunk and mistook a bass for a perch. Or on Ambien. Or all three. I now know more about perch than I wanted to know, apparently more than the liar in chief. Tour of Ranch, August 25, 2001
THE PRESIDENT: It is. It's perfect for that size lake.It's stocked with a lot of bait fish and I put in 600 fingerlings. So we started -- didn't put any big bass in to begin with. And I've caught nearly a pound in size....

Bush showed off his land to a group of reporters. He boasted about his herd of 200 cows and six bulls, the seven canyons and the man-made 11-acre lake, which he stocked with black bass, blue gill and perch. He pointed out live oak and elm trees.
These Texans are bragging about 3 pounders. Biggest perch (3lbs 5oz) ever caught in Maryland. Wisconsin Yellow Perch record catch. (3lbs 4oz) New York Perch
Which begs the question, what was his worst moment? Oh, 9/11 of course, his trifecta. "In such a situation it takes a while before one understands what is happening," Bush said. "I would say that this was the hardest moment, once I had the real picture before my eyes." Before his stunned deer in the headlights eyes, of course and that was after seven minutes of reading about pet goats. He's a chickenshit liar. No doubt about it. What a tale.


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