Friday, June 30, 2006

Lyin' All The Time

For their last "official" visit together, Lieboy and Pickles took Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, a huge Elvis fan, to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. "It's a dream", said Koizumi as he looked around in awe, and met Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley. The entire White House got in on the act, Tony Snowjob wore Elvis sunglasses, Kkkarl Rove wore another pair with fake sideburns attached, Josh Bolten made fun of Elvis' diet. A hilarious time was had by all. Bush resisted the urge to sing or wear shades. koizumi_Moron-GracelandBush said, "I was hoping the Prime Minister would want to come to Graceland. I knew he loved Elvis, I didn't realize how much he loved Elvis". The two most uncomfortable looking tourists were the pretzeldent and his stiff spouse. Bush has described Koizumi as "a good buddy" even though they need interpreters to communicate. They headed off "for some barbecue" after their Elvis sighting. Koizumi was seemingly in awe of Elvis memorabilia. He, um, sang a few bars from Elvis songs. When he started up with "Wise men say...only fools rush in" Bush quickly said, "I thought you were going to sing Blue Suede Shoes", perhaps rushing fools hit too close to home. Since this was an "official" visit, the taxpayers footed the bill. We hope you had a nice time Mr. Koizumi, on our dime, with our War Criminal pResident and his catatonic wife. Koizumi will be out of office in the Fall. "Post-Koizumi" should be another interesting challenge for our liar in chief.


On Friday, things got campy right off.

The public address system on Air Force One played "Love Me Tender" and "Don't Be Cruel" and other Elvis songs as the leaders boarded the plane in Washington. DVDs of Elvis movies were available for viewing. And stewards brought out that Elvis culinary favorite — grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches, each with 36 grams of fat. The two leaders passed on the sandwiches. Bush drank coffee and Koizumi drank green tea.White House press secretary Tony Snow — wearing gold-rimmed plastic sunglasses — did his best, meanwhile, to fuel lingering conspiracy theories that the singer never died, saying that Bush and Koizumi were likely to go to Elvis' "alleged grave site." In fact, Graceland spokesman David Beckwith said the "meditation garden" near the swimming pool where Elvis is buried was the chosen place for the two allies to have some "private time."

The pair saw what most visitors see: the Jungle Room, famously furnished with a 30-minute shopping spree, and the glossy black baby-grand piano near the living room's white, 15-foot sofa, and hundreds of gold records, outfits and guitars in the home's museums.

I ain't nothing but a LIAR, LYIN' ALLA TIME!

Koizumi comes from a long line of politicians and money. His 1978 arranged marriage ended in a messy divorce. His former wife has never been allowed to see her sons since the divorce in 1982. Dysfunctional Koizumi never remarried. An odd little man, he cozied up to the Bush regime after 9/11 and stirred a bit of warmongering on the right in Japan. His controversial visits to the Yasukuni Shrine to honor Japanese war criminals have caused consternation to their victims.

When asked if he was happy with all his riches and fame Elvis Presley said, "No, I am lonely as hell"


Blogger RcA said...

It appeared to me that when Pres. Bush attempted to cut off P.M. Koizumi as he burst into a rendition of "Love Me Tender", the Japanese leader rather skillfully switched to singing "Fools Rush In" with emphasis on the lyrics, "Wise mean say, only fools rush in".
Could this have been a subtle slap at Pres. Bush by the prime minister who was obviously caught up in the moment?
- RcA

9:19 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

I'd like to think it was a BushWhack but it seems Koizumi's financial dealings with the thugs has held him in good stead, plus he's revived militaristic feelings in Japan and sent troops to Iraq. I have a horrible feeling they really do like each other.
You're right though, Koizumi was definitely starstruck with reverence and awe at Graceland. Maybe he was channeling Elvis.

12:05 PM  

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