Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ahnuld Hiding...in White House

Ahnuld wants it both ways...the dough but not the attention. His office said he's "out of state" but he was at a "low profile" White House visit honoring his mother in law, Eunice Shriver.
Spokesman for Angelides, Bob Mulholland:
"Why would Schwarzenegger be so embarrassed about the president honoring his mother-in-law?" Mulholland said. "That's an embarrassment itself. Every president honors people who have devoted their lives to helping others."

Bring on Poppy! Ka-ching, ka-ching!
Invitations have gone out for a July 20 lunch and dinner for the Schwarzenegger re-election campaign and the state Republican Party starring former President George H.W. Bush, the president's father.
The Schwarzenegger-Bush fundraisers carry a high ticket price: $100,000 a head for "platinum" status, which comes with a seat at the head table, a table for 10, 12 tickets to a VIP reception and six photos with Schwarzenegger and Bush.

How he expected to be ignored by the photogs is a mystery.
His ego-inflated head alone takes up a whole frame.
So, he's trying to avoid Chimp's low poll numbers and get Bush Sr. to help rake in the dough from the well-heeled instead? Afraid of Dubya? Gee, could it be due to the fact that Lieboy smacked him around after Ahuld snubbed him twice on CA visits? Bush is a vengeful little bastard. Try as he might, Ahnuld can't distance himself from the thugs. Trying to hide while at the White House in the presence of Kennedys is a joke. Mighty odd behavior from Mr. Squashinator since he's hired a Rove boy, Steve Schmidt, to do his dirty work campaigning, evidence of which has been seen already on CA airwaves. One ad, ends with the line "What if Steve Westly was right?" Since Mr. Terminator's record as guvernator is horrendous, it's not surprising that Rovian tactics are all he has right out of the chute. Bring 'em on, Pimpinator! Hasta la vista, baby!


You can run but you can't hide from Kkkarl's seating plan.

Hey, she sure uses big words for special olympics, I don't get it.

Hahaha...I got that one!


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