Thursday, July 20, 2006

For God's Sake

Almost 6 million people watch The Today Show. I made the mistake of tuning in this morning and witnessed how far down into the cesspool this show has gone since I used to regularly watch it years ago. Infotainment for the clueless. Fat? The Bible can make you thin. Mutt Lauer interviewed two formerly obese people on how they got thin; and their inspiration, Gwen Shamblin, author of "The Weigh Down Diet" Segment title: Can God Get You Thin?
Shamblins's formula:"The world's hurting and they need God. These people are happier and they need God. The world needs God. They've got to change themselves. Change your head and your heart." Formerly fat man, "It changed my whole aspect." Shamblin, "Change focus turn to God it's the answer." Gwen's site: wdworkshop Some controversy over interpretation of the Trinity is found at other religious spots. Maybe she got too rich too fast. In response to one slightly probing question from Mutt about the results of such a plan, prayer over food, and whether exercise might not be important, Gwen replied, "Exercise is a virtue" but prayer is the key.

And the next important segment on The Today Show is ""The 30 Minute Facelift I missed it since I had to go to the bathroom. But wait, a super duper third segment on clothing that is too sexy for work. Today's Style. Fashion trends are making women dress too casually for work. American Express has a dress code. (Thank Goddess, I can still use my credit card knowing the employees are fully clothed) US weekly has sluts wearing whatever strikes their fancy. Oh, be still my heart, they're going to have a fashion show in a minute. I'd better take notes. Thongs are out, straps are out, cleavage is out.Dressing down at work is no longer acceptable. Sorry, but the "acceptable" clothing looked a bit slutty to me too. Is it ever okay to dress "sexy" (sic) at work? is the burning grammatically mangled question. Judging from the "advice" given along with the women dressed in miscellaneous outfits, sexy is out but ridiculous is in. Taste is in the eye of the beholder and in my opinion taste is as rare as compassion.

Now, last I heard there was a war in Iraq, Israel was bombing Lebanon and our Thug in Chief had slapped the scientific/medical community squarely across the face of disease. But hey, entertainment is entertainment. Just PLEASE don't ever pretend that the morning "news" shows are anything more than bullshit and pablum for the masses.Katie Couric was no journalist but for god's sake, Meredith Viera is a winger from the SHRIEKFEST "The View" and I'll be skipping her condescending horseshit.


Anonymous aed said...

I made the same mistake. What a piece of work she was! Bleached-blonde hair, tight, low-cut leopard print shirt and a tight, black mini-skirt. Didn't catch the shoes, but I suspect they were what one would expect with that get-up. I thought I was looking at a call girl.

If praying to Jeebus helps to lose weight and keep it off, I'd have been a size 10 for the past 30 years.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Hoebait said...

Ghawd made me a painted Jezebel!

(and he can do you too! It's the best!)

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Goober said...

A Mighty Pimp Daddy is our Ghawd!

12:10 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

aed, you're on the money. If that mind control crap worked we'd never see overweight people in church. She's just another snake oil charlatan.

hoebait...hahahaha...I don't want what Ms. Shamblin is selling! She came close to Jan Crouch in tasteful attire and makeup...but not quite...Jan is their queen.


goober, Mighty Pimp Daddy is a perfect name for what some people use as their crutch. And they're the first people to tell others how to live their lives instead of taking care of their own business.

1:50 AM  

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