Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hands Free Snowjob

What's this? Tony Snow now speaks through a headset into the headphones of the captive press aboard Air Force One? They aren't allowed to tape what he says? Surely that's a joke...right? The White House has demeaned the position of the press corps to a "Press Gaggle" already, this is just another step in minimizing their impact. The insults and lies never end. Is it a gaggle or a briefing? Nobody's sure anymore. Either way, not much truth is coming out of the White House via the Fux Gnus entertainer, Snow.

White House press spokesman Tony Snow laughs as he wears a new headset to speak to the press aboard Air Force One between Washington and Chicago, July 6, 2006. For the first time Thursday a White House Press secretary has conducted his 'gaggle' with the press aboard Air Force One with the aid of a microphone headset instead of huddling with the press in the press cabin aisleway. Snow is pictured holding the tape recorders of the travelling press as they remain in their seats with headphones, listening to Snow's remarks from his microphone. REUTERS/Jason Reed


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