Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Is My Nose Growing?

Political imbecile's failure to curb Israel is going over like a lead balloon. The U.S. refuses to call for a cease fire in Lebanon, the rest of the world thinks it would be a good idea.
I am NOT an imbecile, I'm only a LIAR, or distorter of facts, if you will, for the worst gangsters in the world.

"Cease Fire must not retain status quo"-Rice. What the hell kind of idiotic, uncaring and insane statement is that to make? Rice is saying the U.S. condones the killing and maiming of innocent people. This vapid bitch does NOT speak for me! After listening to a plea to "stop the killing" from Lebanon's prime minister, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the United States favors ending what she called "spasms of violence" in the region. She'd prefer blanket bombing by Israel?
Bush's Baby

It's possible she just has a headache, Cheney wants her out, incredibly she's not quite vicious and warlike enough for the neocons.
North Korea has defended its missile launches ahead of an Asian security forum expected to focus on them, describing US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as a "political imbecile" for criticising the tests. The North’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) accused Rice, who called North Korea a "completely irresponsible" and "dangerous" state for test-firing seven ballistic missiles on July 5, of distorting the facts.
The news agency said the North is under threat of attack from "the worst gangsters in the world" after the Bush administration listed it as part of an "axis of evil." "It was none other than Rice who let loose a spate of such piffle over the launch of a few missiles as part of military training to cope with the US reckless moves for aggression and war," KCNA said. "This cannot be construed otherwise than an outburst made by a political imbecile."

Damn! I thought they'd buy every word!

Why the hell aren't they taking me seriously!

My, the president said this would be a cakewalk.


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