Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lying Dick Uses NASCAR Fans

I don't imagine NASCAR fans enjoy being lied to any more than the rest of us. Yet, Cheney got a "warm welcome" from them. The drivers gave him a standing ovation. He began his speech to the drivers by telling a joke."I'm told that if I behave myself, I might be able to spend some time after the race with big Mike [Helton] in the Nextel Cup hauler and that is sometimes more exciting than what happens in the race itself," Cheney said. "I'm looking forward to that." Cheney is a crook with his snout at the taxpayers' trough. His opulent overindulged life is far removed from the reality out here. His latest poll numbers had him at 19% approval. Why were they "polite"? Can't they see the price of gas rising? Can't they see the jobs being outsourced? Can't they see the neocons have gotten us into an unwinnable war with NO plan? Don't they see the hypocrisy of a man attending his FIRST race ever with a photo op jacket over his regular country club blazer? He removed his tie for the race fans. Don't they see he's USING them and their patriotism? His original plan included watching the (later postponed) Space Shuttle Discovery launch with his grandchildren. I'm sure fans are happy to know Cheney's ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) is working fine. Most NASCAR fans (most Americans)couldn't afford such a high tech device if they needed it, they're too expensive. And it probably wouldn't be approved or covered by their current insurance anyway. The liar delivered a "patriotic" speech, one that nobody could argue with since it said nothing of substance. To say to the crowd, "How fortunate we are to live in freedom" with no mention of the liberties he has and would like to take from all of us is bald faced LYING. He used the troops AGAIN for political purposes by mentioning them. When was the last time he visited an injured troop by the way? Lying hypocrite. It's a fact that 9/11 happened on their watch and they had started spying on us seven months earlier.

Waiting for Cheney's Photo OP

Cheney delivers patriotic message to fans
"On Independence Day weekend, we're reminded how fortunate we are to live in freedom and to call this place home," Cheney told the 150,000-plus fans before the start of Saturday's race. "We're grateful above all to the men and women who defend us."

Uh, huh...and if the fans bought his bullshit there's not much hope for this country. People asked for years after WWII why German citizens didn't stop Hitler. I guess we know why. They didn't want to know.

Q Will this be your first NASCAR race? THE VICE PRESIDENT: It will be, as a matter of fact, yes -- first time I've actually attended a race. I've been to tracks before, but it's the first time I've been to an actual race.

At the Space Center earlier in the day.

Cheney makes grand entrance at NASCAR race.
Cheney is turning up at lots of high-profile venues as part of an all-hands-on-deck effort at the White House to improve the GOP's standing going into the November election.

Not everyone was fooled.
A few race fans judged Cheney's appearance as a shrewd public relations move.
"I don't think they should mix politics and racing, but he just wants to be associated with the sport," said 49-year-old fan Russ Schlenker of Hernando. "Just trying to get the 'NASCAR dad' vote."

Cheney's arrogant assumptions that he will be lauded and feted if he just waves the flag may be misguided. More people are waking up to the reality that the Bush/Cheney thugs have stolen all our dough and don't care about real people at all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's a free country. and it wasn't unusual to see clinton in a church for a photo-op.

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