Friday, July 28, 2006

Multinational Farce=Lasting War

Two of the world's worst terrorists met today in the White House for another carefully controlled "press" conference with a total of six questioners allowed to ask "questions" while being glared at intimidatingly by the pResident's henchman, Josh Bolten. The transcript doesn't do justice to the embarrassment of witnessing the oaf in chief mangle language and try to make fratboy jokes while Lebanon is being bombed. Bush: Thank you all. Prime Minister Tony Blair, welcome back to the White House. As you know, we've got a close relationship. You tell me what you think. You share with me your perspective -- and you let me know when the microphone is on. (Laughter.) ??? To call that uncomfortable silence "laughter" is a misnomer, but it's what we expect from the white House of Propaganda."This conflict started, out of the blue, with two Israeli soldiers kidnapped and rockets being fired across the border"-Lieboy
The worst pResident in U.S. history wants Syria and Iran to comply with his wishes before he'll call off Israel's bombing of Lebanon. "Multinational Force", "Lasting peace" and "Stability", the official lying buzzwords from the warmongering Bozo Twins while lasting war continues and escalates...just like the PNAC gang always wanted. Is a multinational force the same as a coalition of the willing, if so, we're screwed. Blair's in the wrong party...Labour should kick him out and send him over to the Conservatives where he belongs. "In Lebanon, Hezbollah and its Iranian and Syrian sponsors are willing to kill and use violence to stop the spread of peace and democracy," Bush said. "They're not going to succeed." Bush said the plan developed by he [sic]and Blair would "make every effort to achieve a lasting peace out of this process." Bush:Iran give up your nukes first. Bush/Blair:"Multinational Force" For a change he told the truth: "This is a moment of intense conflict in the Middle East," Bush said. "Yet our aim is to turn it into a moment of opportunity and a chance for broader change in the region."

Uniter not a divider continues to drive a wedge between us and the entire world:
Many countries in Europe and the Middle East are calling for an immediate cease-fire and have deplored the impact of Israel's campaign on Lebanon. The gap between the United States and Britain and other nations has intensified some of the diplomatic strains that have existed since Bush invaded Iraq in 2003 with Blair as one of his chief international backers.

Bush and Blair remained united against many other European and Arab nations, by resisting calls for an immediate, unconditional end to Israel's campaign against Hezbollah militants that effectively control southern Lebanon.
This stance has been interpreted by Israel as a green light to continue its offensive as long as it takes to cripple the Shiite Muslim militant group.

How many protests worldwide will it take this time for them to ignore the will of the people like they did before they invaded Iraq?

An even more revolting item, we're sending bunker busters to Israel.
Blair had no problem with the idea of the U.S. helping to bomb Israel but the fact that the delivery didn't follow protocol.
British media reported on Wednesday that aircraft carrying "bunker-busting" bombs from the United States to Israel refueled at Prestwick airport in Scotland over the weekend.


Anonymous the usual suspect said...

Damn good blogging! Especially today, Miss Panda.

Ck. out what Wayne Madsen said today:
July 28, 2006 -- Countering the spin. Hezbollah sources have an entirely different story about the incident that triggered the Israeli attack on Lebanon. The counter-story lends credence to the pre-meditated nature of a plan that was hatched in a three-way meeting between Dick Cheney, Binyamin Netanyahu, and Natan Sharansky at an American Enterprise Institute conference in Colorado last month.
Hezbollah reports that on July 12, two Israeli Defense Force (IDF) troops were captured by Hezbollah after they entered Lebanese territory. Hezbollah put out feelers that they would entertain a prisoner swap, something that had occurred many times in the past. However, already looking for an incident on the Israeli-Lebanese border, the Israeli government dispatched a Merkava-2 tank into Lebanon to retrieve its two captured troops. The tank hit a land mine, killing four Israeli soldiers. Haaretz confirmed that the tank was destroyed by a mine and not in a Hezbollah attack.
The neo-con spin machine, including George W. Bush, claims that Hezbollah entered Israel in an unprovoked attack and kidnapped the two Israelis.

'Figgers,' right?! Israel’s New Middle East: Kill All Arabs
“Everyone remaining in southern Lebanon will be regarded as a terrorist, Israel’s justice minister said yesterday as the military prepared to employ ‘huge firepower’ from the air in its campaign to crush Hizbollah,” reports the [U.K.] Telegraph.

7:08 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Thanks for that. It's a crime the way the entire situation is being reported in the American supPress. Years from now we'll find out more atrocities. I have no doubt this entire thing was engineered and carefully manipulated by the Neocons. Interesting segment here from Information Clearing House.
Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah Talks With Former US Diplomats on Israel, Prisoners and Hezbollah’s Founding

Another interesting view is presented in the 2005 movie, "Syriana".

War crimes are going on as we type. It's heartbreaking. Those poor people at the mercy of thugs. Imagine if this occurred on American soil. I can't imagine Americans NOT fighting back.

12:04 PM  

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