Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Big Time Scary Dick

Nice job, Dick. Fear! Only the GOP can save America from Terrorism. Democrats Dean, Reid, Murtha and Lamont are equal to Al Qaeda. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for terror.Dick's Remarks, Phoenix, Arizona (Condensed version. Full text at link.)
A strong turnout on Election Day will be good for our party, and for protecting America against those who wish to harm us. We have a full agenda for the rest of 2006 and beyond There is still hard work ahead in the war on terror, and the central front of this war today is in Iraq. We can expect further acts of violence and destruction by the enemies of freedom. But progress has been steady. If you look back at the years before 9/11, you will see case after case of terrorists hitting America, and of America failing to respond hard enough. If we follow Congressman Murtha's advice we will simply validate the al Qaeda strategy and invite more terrorist attacks in the future. No one can guarantee that we won't be hit again. And we must not let up for a moment. The threat is still very real, that our enemies will not cease in their attempts to kill innocent Americans.

Dick sightings are rare. The fundraisers he attends aren't public events, nor are his stays at Jackson Hole. Nobody gets near Dick. His undisclosed location is a closely guarded secret. That doesn't mean he isn't busy raking in dough for Republican candidates at his convenience. Yes, the GOP LOVES DICK!

Cheney a GOP rock star
TAMPA, Fla. - An anticipatory buzz fills the room. Six crisp American flags, erect as soldiers, line the dais. More than an hour before the vice president's arrival, the GOP faithful stand at the ready.
Cheney may bring in a lot of cash, says Democratic consultant Dane Strother, but "the problem is that when he races through town, he leaves a stack of headlines. And come mid-October, you tie the Republican candidate to the Bush-Cheney efforts and, boom, there are the headlines and the pictures."

Interesting, those "headlines" and stories, along with pics aren't that readily available. Dick only releases what he wants released. The most secretive thug to occupy a wing in the White House is hard to locate. Only the secret service can keep tabs on Big Time. He can't appear in public; carefully screened donors and military personnel don't count as regular citizens. They won't say, "Go fuck yourself" as a man said to him in Gulfport post-Katrina. After a hurricane it's a bit harder to keep out the REAL people.

Dick's "official" activities are found here.
Ooh, he's someplace today but I'll have to update since I can't find it yet.
Cheney to attend Idaho Fundraiser August 16.

Found on local sites...ahead of time.
Cheney, Kyl fundraiser August 15.

Stumping in Cincinnati. On August 24.
Roswell fundraiser


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