Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bizzy Beltway Beasts

The Bullshit Boys are taking breaks from their summer vacation bunkers. They showed up to catapult the fearful agenda and keep the MSM on track. Be afraid, be very afraid. Repeat on all channels. Justification for continued spying on all of US is now the main course being served. Lieboy met and had lunch with his Defense Policy and Programs team His best work goes on while gorging on rolls and pigs. Two birds with one stone. Chimperator also "orated" with his fellow henchswine for the cameras to demonstrate how tough they are. Bush said Israel won and it's all Hezbollah's fault; Iran and Syria were helping Hezbollah, Israel can "defend" itself.
A few planted questions from the terrorized press:
Q Do you believe the terror plot was developed by al Qaeda leaders?
Liar-in-chief: We certainly...I stand by the statements that initially came out of Chertoff, which was...it sure looks like it..it looks like something al Qaeda would do. But before we actually claim al Qaeda, we want to make sure that we have...we could prove it to you.

Ahhhh, they mustn't yet have lined up enough "experts" and/or "informants" to "prove" it to us yet.

Q Terrorist cells inside the U.S.?
Lying-sackashit: Any time we get a hint that there might be a terrorist cell in the United States, we move on it. And we're listening, we're looking, and one thing that's important is for us to make sure that those people who are trying to disrupt terrorist cells in the United States have the tools necessary to do so within the Constitution of the United States...And that's why the Terrorist Surveillance Program exists...

See? We knew there was a good reason, we just had to wait for them to make one up. One that they can use for as long as they want. The propaganda continued today:
Bush says last week's alleged plot is evidence the war on terrorism will last "for years to come" That's right, we're at war with "folks" for "years to come" with no end in sight.
Lieboy met with the Counterterrorism Team, an ironic name since Negroponte IS a terrorist and Hayward IS a spy but together they do make an awesome team of killers who know all about the private lives of Americans.

In other news, Dick has hired one of Clinton's impeachment lawyers to help out with the outing of Valerie Plame testimony he might have to give, unless we're at war. Uh oh.


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