Saturday, August 12, 2006

Condi Ugly?

The wingnuts at worldnetdaily have their knickers in a twist because "Syrian television" referred to Rice's "ugliness" and to Condoleezza as the "black spinster" or "dark skinned lady" instead, Queen of the Cons, Mother of all Wars?
TEL AVIV – On the heels of a WorldNetDaily article last month reporting Palestinian newspapers have been using racist rhetoric to describe Condoleezza Rice, Syrian television has aired a program in which the secretary of state's "ugliness" was the topic.
According to a translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute, Khuri replied, "If I were asked, as an author, to portray malice, I would sketch an image of Condoleezza Rice. This woman is grim, both in the way she looks and in the way she is inside. I don't know why she is always malicious from within."
The interviewer chimed in, "In any case, her external ugliness reflects her internal ugliness." Khuri responded, "It's the other way around, my dear. It is the internal ugliness that is reflected in one's face. A woman can only be ugly from the inside. Any woman can be beautiful, if she is beautiful from within. It is the internal ugliness of this woman (Rice) that reflects her looks."

So? I don't see anything untrue there. Get over it wingnuts. Ugly is as ugly does.

Lebanese Govt.agrees to U.N. resolution.The U.N. resolution called for a "full cessation of hostilities" and authorised up to 15,000 U.N. troops to move in to enforce a ceasefire. It said Hizbollah must halt all attacks and Israel must stop "all offensive military operations".
The resolution stipulates that after fighting stops, Israel must withdraw all its forces from Lebanon at the earliest opportunity, in tandem with a U.N.-Lebanese troop deployment

U.N. calls for an end to conflict From his "ranch" Lieboy made a phone call to Siniora.

It was the second time Bush had spoken to Siniora since the crisis erupted July 12. In the weeks after their July 14 conversation, Siniora repeatedly called for an immediate cease-fire but Bush resisted, saying the root causes of the conflict -- namely Hizbollah's influence -- had to be addressed.

"The president stressed the need to dismantle Hizbollah's state within a state in order to build Lebanese democracy," Jones said. "He expressed his view that Iran and Syria were arming Hizbollah in order to exert unwanted influence over Lebanon."

The U.N. resolution calls for an embargo on the supply of arms to militias in Lebanon.

Does it also call for an embargo on the supply of arms from the U.S. to Israel?
US calls on Syria, Iran to honor UN resolution on Lebanon but no reins on Israel which won't "decide" until Monday and until then will "defend" itself by continuing to bomb Lebanon.


Anonymous Goober said...

Nice touch, the Iron Cross 1st class pinned on Bolton.

For future projects, a tasteful repertoire of refreshing fascist regalia for every day living might be in order.

Fascinating collections can be seen here-

I am assuming the "pzg" refers to "Panzergrenadier(en)" - the infantry that accompanied Tank assaults.

Isn't that sweet?

Any questions about historical anecdotes with some of this stuff might interest you.

You know where to find me.

9:29 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Heh some earlier stuff I put the Blood Order medal on Rove. Nobody got it. I like to stick in subliminals. In reflections, glasses. Not all the time, just sometimes.
Thanks, that's a great link. Some of those may show up in the future...tasteful regalia. Hahahaha.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Goober said...

Speaking of sublimanabable, I just now noticed the Shitboy.

I almost was able to control my revulsion at that unhappy shock and had it not been for your tastefully subliminababble application of the offending image, I surely would have erupted into projectile vomiting as is my irrepressable reaction to any exposure to that damn Shitboy.

1:31 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

Sorry, didn't mean to make folks sick...but Lieboy is such an integral part of the neocon agenda I can't help it. And he's so photogenic too. ;)

5:39 PM  

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