Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dana Bashes Democrats


During coverage of the photo ops of Lieboy, Pickles and entourage in Mississippi, before they'd reached Louisiana, CNN's Dana Bush managed to malign Democrats in the propaganda catapulting of the White House. Bash shamelessly lets the entire Republican party, Bush, Chertoff, Brownie, off the hook for their non-response to the plight of Katrina victims and says Democrats are opportunists "exploiting" Katrina. She's one vowel away from neothug whore. This must be part of her deal with the devil to keep the "Congressional Correspondent" job she's had since March. (Formerly a Whore House Correspondent where she no doubt made good friends.) Working hand in glove with John King, another apologist for the crooks, she conveniently shifted attention away from the THOUSANDS of Gulf Coast residents abandoned by the Bush administration.

DANA BASH: Ask Democrats to name the single biggest event that altered their political fortunes against the Bush White House this election year, and their answer Katrina. Because, as Bill was just pointing out, it took the president's biggest assets away from him: leadership, confidence and the perception that he can keep Americans safe.

So while Democrats are slamming the president's trip to the Gulf Coast this week as nothing more than a photo op, 25 House Democrats are there right along with Mr. Bush to deliver their talking points. The delegation is descending on Louisiana and Mississippi over the next two days to talk about everything from health care to insurance with local residents there. And it should come as no surprise what their theme is. It's right here on this report House and Senate Democrats released last week, and the title is, "Broken Promises: How the President and Republicans Left Survivors' Needs Unmet."

And Republicans, as you can imagine, John, insist Democrats are on shaky political ground, since they -- Democrats run state and local government in Louisiana, which gets a big part of the blame for the slow recovery a year later -- John.

KING: And Dana, as the political debate plays out, is it a debate playing only in the Gulf Coast region, or are the Democrats trying to take this elsewhere?

BASH: Definitely elsewhere. You know, Green Bay, Wisconsin, was nowhere near Katrina's wake, but the Democratic congressional candidate there, Steve Kagan, is airing a TV ad right now, talking about Katrina.

Let's lisen.

STEVE KAGAN (D), WISCONSIN CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE: Iraq. Katrina, FEMA. Port security. Poor judgment all the way around. It's time for change in Washington.

BASH: So never mind the voters in Wisconsin were not directly affected by Katrina. Kagan talked about Katrina in that ad because it fits right into the anti-Washington sentiment that he and other Democrats across the country are trying to exploit by saying Republicans who control Washington are falling down on the job, and it's time for a change.

Fuck you, Dana. Fuck you. Here's the deal, Dana, the entire country was affected by Katrina the same way the entire country has been affected by every illegal act perpetrated upon us by your heroes in the White House. (Although "9/11" occurred on the east coast you have no problem making it a national issue!) The Democrats have EVERY right as representatives of MORE than half of the American population to take issue with the crooked, illegal, racist and cruel activities of the Bush Crooks. How dare you! No, Dana, as the report you quickly mentioned notes, needs in the Gulf Coast have been left UNMET by your Republican buddies who hold ALL the power.


Anonymous Goober said...

I haven't watched any bullshit corporate "news" in 20 years. It's nothing but crap designed to further tehaims of the fascist elite controlling this stupid ass country.

The mere thought of turning on the TV to watch the "news" makes me physically repulsed and nauseated. I am not kidding. These people all need to be hauled before a truth and justice commission to answer for their aiding and abetting the criminal government of the Stupid States of America. It is primarily because of these grotesque "news" casters, their editors and their corporate masters that this is a dangerously stupid country.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

You're probably right about not watching them but I feel compelled sometimes. I know what they're doing and I do yell at the tube but I "enjoy" witnessing first hand the nuances and facial expressions I'd otherwise miss in a written account. I'm a glutton for punishment.

11:35 PM  

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