Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hysteria in the Skies

The cable news channels breathlessy and urgently reported a possible terrorist on United flight 923. They stated a woman on board had (gasp!) vaseline, a screwdriver, matches and a note referring to Al Qaeda plus she had a book with her, maybe connected to Bin Laden. A five hour delay and search of the plane revealed no threat, no connection to terrorists and a claustrophobic 60 year old woman. That's all. But fighter jets escorted the plane to Boston instead of its destination, Dulles and an entire morning of "news" was devoted to a non-incident. For christ's sake is this all we can expect to hear until the elections? Fear! Terror! More fear! More terror! What a load of bullshit! I wonder what the thugs were up to while the media was focused on yet another wild goose chase?
Flight diverted to Boston over passenger disturbance
"I don't know what she had on board with her, but we have been told she did not have a screw driver, she did not have any liquids such as vaseline, and any notebook she may have had, it did not contain an al-Qaeda reference," Naccara said. "This is still playing out, of course." "There was speculation in the beginning of all those items, but those have been proven untrue"
Hey, here's an idea...howzabout prosecuting morons making false claims and deliberately speculating in order to ignite fear! Including anchors on the fake Gnus channels. Needless to say, for her "disruption" the woman was taken into custody.
In the meantime, a whole boy got onto a plane undetected. Boy, 12, evades security clampdown

Thanks, MSNBCNNFUX for another hysterical episode of Terror in the Skies.



Blogger scotbot said...

The paranoia's unreal, isn't it. Would those on the flight suddenly be paralysed with fear that a screwdriver-weilding granny was about to commandeer a plane and that none of the 200 or so on board would've been able to do anything about it. OMG she had hand-cream or vasline or reading material. Man, paper can take down a whole plane, yanno. Laughable, isn it.


5:50 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

My thoughts too...if a passenger next to me went berserk I'd want her to take a Valium and calm down. If she had a "weapon" I'm SURE the rest of the passengers would rather subdue her than allow her to do any harm. And where are all those Air Marshalls we hear about? On second thought, maybe it's lucky for her one didn't shoot her.
After an extra five hours on the tarmac at a different destination, having my bags searched, I'd be more than distraught and might cause a disruption of my own. Flying has become a nightmare. Everything's a nightmare with the Bushco thugs in charge.

10:18 AM  

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