Friday, August 11, 2006

Poll Numbers Down-Fundraising Up

Lieboy's poll numbers have dropped again to 33% But it doesn't matter at all, he's on vacation with brief trips out to raise money. No stinkin' poll numbers affect the flow of dough.
Half the cost of every fundraiser Bush attends is paid for by the taxpayers if a "public" event is tossed in. Air fare, gas, servants. The Wisconsin fundraiser was paired with a visit to Fox Valley Metal-tech factory in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Tax deductible takes on a whole new meaning to the fundraiser in chief.
Mitt Romney canceled his Wisconsin fundraisers in view of the Red Alert, Bush attended his. Bush is held to a lower standare.
The Wisconsin Republican Party defended President Bush's decision not to cancel a fundraising trip at the same time it also applauded Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's cancellation of his appearances.
Wisconsin Republican Party spokesman Bob Delaporte said Bush's circumstances are different from Romney's. "It's completely and utterly different," Delaporte said. "He has the most powerful jet on the planet. He can run an entire war from that. It's not like he has to be in Washington, D.C. The president made his very strong statement today in how he's been involved in the busting up of the terror plot," Delaporte said.
Gee, that'll be news to the Brits who say they caught all the alleged terrorists. A different response to Bush's visit from Nancy Nusbaum of the DPW (Democratic Party of Wisconsin) who sent Bush a scathing letter. Different priorities for different parties.
"I want to stay in touch with real Americans," Bush told Crawford residents back in 2001. long as they're carefully screened and searched...Republicans who agree with every criminal act he has committed. Yup, just real Americans, like all of us out here. Today for example, just regular folks having a beer with their best buddy. Crawford BBQ and Dough fundraiser.
GOP big spenders have lunch with Bush
CRAWFORD, Texas — The Republican Party's big spenders were rewarded with a barbecue lunch with President Bush on Friday at a $750,000 fundraiser at a ranch neighboring the president's Texas home. The fundraiser was closed to the public and the press, but the Republican National Committee reported that the attendees included 350 people who have each raised at least $15,000 for the party this cycle.

dailykos Annual RNC Fundraiser Brings in 38% of Last Year's Take; posted by emptywheel.

The lunch was at Stan and Kathy Hickey's Broken Spoke Ranch, a 478-acre spread next to the president's home where Bush is spending 10 days on vacation from the White House. Bush addressed to group after an introduction by RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman.

Most vactioning pResident raking in the dough.
Bush, who shattered all fundraising records on the way to back-to-back election wins, will host some of the GOP's biggest donors to thank them for helping to expand his party's fundraising edge over the out-of-power Democrats -- and encourage them to do more. A well-connected Republican said at least $2 million is expected to be raised.

At the ranch owned by Stan and Kathy Hickey, the president will offer brief remarks and pose for photos with the biggest financial backers of the Republican National Committee, aides said.

In what has become an annual affair, the guest list will include the "Pioneers," who raise $100,000; "Rangers," who bag $200,000; and the more exclusive club of "Super Rangers," who top the $300,000 mark for the GOP cause, according to aides. Smaller donors are welcome, too. Laura Bush and administration officials plan to attend to give the donors face time with the White House brass.

Last year's Broken Spoke BBQ raised $2million for the RNC coffers from 230 attendees. This year more is sure to have been raised by 350 rich donors while the article above states $750,000 was raised, perhaps an underestimate? (See update)

Speaking of "ranching" and horses and simple living, Bush gave a tour of the ranch to some journalists during his lengthy 2001 vacation prior to the Saudi hijackers attacking on 9/11 2001.


Anonymous aed said...

But, what they are not telling you is the the fundraiser took in only $38% of what it did last year, despite the attendance of 120 more people.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Panda said...

Hey, thanks aed! I'll update that right away.

4:20 PM  

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