Monday, August 07, 2006

Slick Obtuse Spinning

On Meet the Press Condoliar said, "Iraq is not akin to Iran", er, whatever that could mean, and her favorite theme, "This president is determined to seize opportunities, to bring about a different kind of Middle East." The rest of what she said was circular bullshit and she didn't answer any of Timmy Russert's stupid questions for which he apparently didn't want real answers. Transcript
The UN resolution won't end the fighting, "These things take a while to wind down, and there could be skirmishes for some time to come", Condoleessssssa said. Condi rejects criticism of U.S. policy, a policy that has left Iraq in ruins, Afghanistan in shreds and the world in fear of us. Can she and the other short-sighted greedy neo-morons deciding our "policy" see a bloody thing beyond their snouts in the cash register? For them to NOT call for an immediate cease fire in Lebanon is beyond's criminal. Rice contradicted General Abizaid's grim testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committed on August 4th. Abizaid is one of the generals Bush said he listens to.(Rumsfeld, Pace, Abizaid testimony recap here)
"The Iraqi people and the Iraqi government have not made a choice for civil war," she said. "It would be, really, erroneous to say that the Iraqis are somehow making a choice for civil war, or, I think, even sliding into civil war."

Oh, but wait, Lieboy doesn't listen to the generals either and finally admits it in a joint press conference at the jokingly named "western white house" with his main squeeze, er, Secretary, Condi.
Q Mr. President, if I could turn to Iraq for a moment.


Q When you and Prime Minister Blair met at the White House a few months ago, you were asked about mistakes and missteps. And he said the one mistake he made was miscalculating in thinking that a young democracy, as you put it, would be born very quickly after the fall of Saddam. Are you prepared today to agree with him and acknowledge that you've had the same expectations, which were wrong?

THE PRESIDENT: Actually, I think -- I can't remember his answer; I'm sure you've characterized it perfectly. My attitude is that a young democracy has been born quite quickly. And I think the Iraqi government has shown remarkable progress on the political front, and that is, is that they developed a modern constitution that was ratified by the people, and then 12 million people voted for a government -- which gives me confidence about the future in Iraq, by the way.

You know, I hear people say, well, civil war this, civil war that. The Iraqi people decided against civil war when they went to the ballot box. And a unity government is working to respond to the will of the people. And frankly, it's quite a remarkable achievement on the political front, and the security front is where there have been troubles. And it's going to be up to the Maliki government, with U.S. help, to use the trained forces, and eventually a trained police force, to take care of those who are trying to foment sectarian violence.

Blah blah blather, act like an illiterate inarticulate mean ape...and then, a slip of the tongue?
"What Secretary Rice is doing, as well as me, is.."
The inference being, of course, Rice is doing me.

And of course, a joke while people are dying...kidding the press on his list.

Okay, who else? I don't want to hurt any feelings. Yes, sir.

Q Thank you very much.

THE PRESIDENT: Identify yourself.

Q Kevin Corke, NBC News, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: Right. I knew that.

Q Yes, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: Just wanted to make sure you did.
Thank you all very much for your interest.

Condescending bastard!


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