Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sweaty Lazy Bastard

The hard worker is taking a vacation, described as his shortest summer vacation yet. The lying chimp will spend nine uninterrupted days chopping brush and hiding from reporters, pop out to headline fundraisers and spend a week on vacation at Kennebunkport and more time resting up at Camp David. Then back to the phony ranch for the last leg of his extended elitist vacation. "For those of you going to Crawford, saddle up" Bush joked to reporters, funny haha since he's terrified of horses.
Lieboy will also make a photo op trip to "the Gulf Coast" to celebrate the anniversary of Katrina. The upshot is that he'll be spending just as much time on vacation,fishing, boating, and chainsawing his way through the summer as he usually does but trying to avoid the perception that he's disengaged, disconnected and distanced from the real world. The coward in chief will be avoiding Cindy Sheehan who had made plans to be in Crawford for the month of August at Camp Casey.
En route to his vacating, the idiot king took a "look-see" at the border with Texas Governor, Rick Perry. This made the taxpayers responsible for his airfare etc. "We have an obligation to secure our border and we have an obligation to treat people with decency and respect," said the moronic contradictor after viewing the river, some horses, telling a few lies and sweating like a pig...his favorite food.


Bush displays his bravery...near a horse.

Oh no, he got dragged closer!

See, if they try to get across, we've got boats.

Ahm, a hugger, not a tree

Thanks for being shorter than me...


Anonymous Goober said...

Dope sweat if I ever saw it. Fucker

1:38 AM  
Blogger Panda said...

I agree, they double him up on the undershirts but it still pours through. Happened on his birthday with all that excess cake too. That shirt was dripping. Shortly after this particular trip to the Rio Grande his valet changed him into a bile green shirt to exit Marine One. He's safe now for a week of drinking with no press for miles. Same with his Kennebunkport time. It's haaard work overindulging out of harm's way.

3:33 AM  

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